CouRage Trolls Fans with an “Exclusive” Sneak Peek of New 100 Thieves House

Fans were all hyped up when streamer CouRage teased an “exclusive” sneak peek of new 100 Thieves house, only to see something they weren’t expecting.

Jack “CouRage” Dunlop offered fans what it seemed to be a sweet treat.

An early preview of the new house would be posted if his tweet got over 5,000 likes, to which it did at 23.7k likes as of writing. The said goal was achieved in just a few minutes.

“I’ve officially arrived at the new 100T house!

5,000 likes and I leak an exclusive photo”

However, turns out it was nothing more than a sneaky prank.

Still living up to his promise, the collective anticipation was shaken up with his following post of a snapshot of the tile-laden floor.

“This is the view from my toilet to my bathroom floor. If this doesn’t get you hyped, then I don’t know what will.”

Fans seemed to be highly amused by the joke, though. They expected nothing less from the hilarious streamer!

“it’s a place you will be spending a good amount of time. this is a level of intimacy many creators don’t let their audiences have access to. thank you jack 👍”
“An elegant rug, natural wood accent, and the antique tile pattern? I love it.”
“That wood accent with the grey bath mat… Great choice Jack, great choice 👌”

Supporters of the 100 Thieves team are all eager to see any kind of glimpse at the group’s new content house, especially after Nadeshot earlier revealed it will definitely blow people away.

Both 100 Thieves founder Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag and CouRage revealed big plans for the 100 Thieves brand in 2020.

With their new house playing a major part of their upcoming content, the 100 Thieves team is going all-out. They are about to double their spending when it comes to their new housing costs for this year.

The esports team first moved into a house in LA in early 2019, allowing easy collaboration and producing new content.

A tour of their brand new content house is expected in January, along with the announcement of a new member to their roster.

Any ideas as to who it could be?

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