Ninja Announces New Partnership with Postmates

Ninja says hello Postmates, goodbye Uber Eats— his previous sponsor.

While some believe his move to Mixer was a detrimental decision on his career, it seems like new brand sponsorships continue to roll in for one of the top gamers in the world.

Local hero

The Fortnite superstar confirmed the announcement in a tweet.

“Thrilled to announce I’m partnered with

@Postmates. Jess and I are loving the app and being able to support our local businesses through it.”

Perhaps the world-renowned gaming icon can now add “hometown hero” to his long list of titles and accomplishments, by supporting local businesses amid the pandemic.

As a new partner, Ninja also offers a delivery promo code for new users:

“You all can do the same because new users who sign up and use code Ninja100 receive $100 in delivery credits!”

Invalid code

Shortly after his announcement, some fans went to try the promo code for themselves— only to be met with technical problems.

“This happen to anyone else? Says not valid. Just registered, typed in NINJA100, says not valid.”

Addressing the concern, Ninja’s wife and manager Jessica reached out to Postmates about the matter to quickly resolve the issue. She also reiterated that the promo is only applicable for new users.

“Issue has been resolved! Code works now but see initial tweet that it only works for NEW users!”

Goodbye Uber Eats

Fans were wondering what happened to his exclusive partnership with Uber Eats for both parties to go separate ways.

On a stream about 3 months ago, Ninja revealed his sponsorship with the brand was nearing an end simply because they weren’t able to reach an agreement.

There’s no detailed explanation yet about his decision, but fans seem to be supportive of the Mixer star’s new partnership with Postmates:

“love food delivery. i’ve ordered way too much lately…it’s all soo good”

“I love that you guys are supporting your local businesses!”

“Let’s go Ninja! I love it when you do something epic”

Change of portfolio

As was mentioned, the length and compensation details about Ninja’s new deal with Postmates isn’t exactly revealed.

However, a major change in his food delivery sector portfolio is worth noting since he partnered with Uber Eats way back 2018. That was the year of his iconic rise to fame as he once dominated Twitch.

His 2018 deal announcement also came along with a promotion code. Uber Eats continued to advertise promotions featuring the streamer as recently as July 2019.

Updated profile info

Ninja was quick to update his channel’s “About” info, advertising his new deal with Postmates and its exclusive promotion.

His stream title also invites his viewers to type in the command “!postmates” to learn more on how they can avail the deal.

Other advertisements on his channel include his record Ninjawerks (in partnership with Astralwerks), NZXT, his book Get Good, and his Red Bull-branded headband.

He may not be getting as many viewers as he did on Twitch, but Ninja’s sponsorship deals keep on coming even if he made the move to Mixer!

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