Tfue Believes Fortnite Cannot be Considered as an Esport

Despite being known as one of the faces of Fortnite, Twitch star and Fortnite pro Tfue believes the game has long since lacked a sense of ‘competitiveness.’

It’s because of this that he believes Fortnite cannot be considered as an official Esport.

Concerns and issues

Turner “Tfue” Tenney did not shy away from voicing out his concerns over the popular battle royale title.

On his April 30 Twitch broadcast, he shared his honest take on the game’s current state when it comes to fostering player competitiveness.

To Tfue, Fortnite is not on par with other esports in the industry— so it cannot be technically considered one.

Not “competitive” enough

The streamer said Fortnite is not “competitive” enough in its current state, despite its weekly tournaments and a rising esports scene.

He was queueing up for a match in the Solo Cash Cup when he decided to speak out his thoughts:

“I’m going to say this now, Fortnite is not a competitive game. I don’t care what anyone says.”

Tfue further explained what made him believe so, emphasizing Fortnite’s lack of “competitive” side:

“In my eyes, Fortnite is not an esport and you are not a pro player because this game does not have a competitive side to it at all.”

Living in a fantasy land

The Fortnite pro himself implied that those who continue to enjoy competing on Fortnite tournaments are “living in a fantasy land.”

These players seem to be distracted enough to ignore the game’s many issues or at least raise their concerns to Epic Games.

“It’s made up, it’s not real, if you’re a competitive Fortnite player you’re living in a fantasy land because this game is so far from competitive, it’s not even close.”

There is no such thing as a Fortnite pro player— or so Tfue believes. Take it from the competitive Fortnite player himself, the game is far from being considered as an esport.

Not afraid to speak up

It’s not the first time for Tfue to speak up against the game he’s famous for playing.

In fact, there have been several instances in the past where he voiced his concerns over controversial features such as the aim assist for controller features.

This gives the players who use a controller a rather unfair advantage compared to those who don’t.

But, it seems like Tfue has had enough with the game’s major flaws which doesn’t seem to be resolved any time soon.

Another major issue Tfue expressed concern over is the number of in-game glitches.

Epic Games appears to be slow in fixing these bugs and glitches, let alone omit them in the game completely. Tfue had two separate tournament runs which were affected because of these said glitches and bugs.

Meanwhile, other Fortnite pro players like Ninja, Bugha, SypherPK, Clix, and Bizzle collectively complained about the game’s “overbearing” competitive nature.

With Tfue describing Fortnite’s competitive scene as nothing short of a joke, it’s quite surprising to see his growing disappointment over the game he spent years grinding on.

Despite all this, Fortnite remains to be among the top video games in the world (if not the most popular.)

Players continue to raise several complaints about their in-game experience, which Epic Games answer with regular updates to solve these issues.

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