Nepenthez is the First Rising Mixer Star to Make Twitch Return

Nepenthez decided to ditch Mixer and make a full return to Twitch, his original platform.

Accordingly, he’s the first big-name streamer to make such a bold and surprising comeback. What could be the reason for his return?

Twitch return

Renowned FIFA streamer Craig “Nepenthez” Douglas has been streaming for 13 months on Mixer, before he made the surprising decision to return to Twitch.

He joined other Twitch icons like Ninja, shroud, and King Gothalion in moving to the Microsoft-platform, but his transfer has been a little earlier than most of them as of March 2019.

But now that his exclusive contract with the platform is over, he is making his way back to his OG home.

His time with Mixer had expired

To confirm the news, Nepenthez revealed on Twitter that his time with Mixer had expired.

The FIFA streamer didn’t give any additional details as to why both parties were unable to reach an agreement.

“Just so you guys are fully aware and in the loop,

My time with @WatchMixer expires today. It’s been an amazing 13 months and I’m sad we couldn’t reach an agreement to extend my term there. I’m super grateful for the support you guys gave me over there, and can’t wait to get right in to the next chapter on @Twitch for the foreseeable future.”

Seems like Mixer was unable to offer Nepenthez an exclusive deal with perks and benefits enough to make him stay.

The next chapter

More than a year of being inactive on Twitch, his first stream back on the platform lasted only for a mere six minutes.

Nepenthez began to warm up and get used to Twitch’s system (again), and even responded to chat comments welcoming him back.

However, he remained tight-lipped about the reason why he left Mixer… at least for now.

His viewers informed in the chat that they only tuned in to the Microsoft-owned rival platform to check out his streams. And now that he’s back on Twitch, there was no reason for them to continue using Mixer.

Because of this surprising comeback, Mixer might see a slight drop in viewership numbers.

But aside from Nepenthez, no other streamer suggested they also plan to leave the platform.

The streamer thanked his supportive audience for not leaving him behind, regardless of his streaming platform of choice.

“First stream back on twitch and you guys SMASHED it. I’m truly blessed to have such a supportive viewer base. Thank you <3”

Fans were quick to celebrate with NepentheZ in his return to Twitch:

“Insane numbers man! Love to see it.”

“Welcome back to to the purple side”

“Amazing! Glad to hear that! Upwards ever!”

“Congrats man! Welcome back, continue smashing it”

His second stream back on Twitch lasted for five hours, where he seemed comfortable playing FIFA.

There’s a lot of work to do for Nepenthez, especially now that he has to move his channel back to Twitch.

What can this decision bring forth for the renowned FIFA streamer? Fans may have to wait and see!

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