Streamer Trainwrecks Alleged to be “Blackballing” Kaceytron on Twitch

Trainwrecks is allegedly “blackballing” fellow streamer Kaceytron on Twitch. There seems to be an on-going bad blood between the two Twitch stars.

Kacey “Kaceytron” Caviness lowkey called out TrainwrecksTV, claiming that he is “blackballing” her from the online community.

When you blackball someone, you ban him or her from a group. In this case, Trainwrecks allegedly hinders Kaceytron from participating in collab streams with other streamers in the same circle.

Kaceytron is among the most well-known streamers on Twitch. She has been sharing her gameplay videos (often League of Legends) and IRL streams on the platform since 2013.

Since then, she has garnered over 495,921 followers.

She often collaborates with other streamers for fun and engaging new content. Recently, she was on the RajjPatel talent show for a collaborative stream.

However, she has been left out of the usual collabs lately and claimed Trainwrecks could be the reason behind this.

In a series of now-deleted tweets, Tyler “TrainwrecksTV” Niknam is allegedly pushing Kaceytron out of the Twitch community.

“If you’re going to blackball me from the community; not host talent shows alongside me, not host channels that I’m on… admit that [you’re] doing it because you’re threatened by what I know about you”

Fueled by her apparent disdain, she continued to expose the other streamer:

“[You] built your whole community off of putting down others… and can’t handle anyone that isn’t a “yes man”, the literal definition of hypocritical pu**y.”

There seems to be bad blood between the two. Kaceyton also went on to accuse that Tyler’s mods control the r/LivestreamFails subreddit, a famous discussion forum for almost anything livestream-related.

Apparently, he “manipulates votes” from the upvotes and downvotes.

It’s true how Kacey has been left out on many collaborative streams she is usually a part of, or could easily be a part of, but there may be other reasons behind what’s happening.

Tyler also hasn’t made any comments to clear his name and involvement in the situation.

Regardless of whether this accusation is true, fans may have to wait for any official statement from the hosts or Tyler himself to see any updates.

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