Valorant players want a fix for “ridiculous” first-bullet inaccuracy

Many Valorant players have been raising concerns about a first-bullet inaccuracy, particularly with the Vandal.

The said problem just goes on to show how on-target shots can turn into misses at the worst possible time.

Plaguing hit-reg issues

Hit registration issues have been plaguing the community since the beta. As a result, some gunfights are hard to navigate.

However, some players are finding that the RNG or Random Number Generator (used to determine events in games) for the first-bullet in some guns may potentially compromise the competitive integrity of the match.

A player writes:

“I don’t understand why there is so much RNG in hitting shots, this is a tac shooter,”

“It really takes away from the competitive aspect when there is so much RNG.”

It’s only normal to miss close shots if you’re unable to control the spray pattern or straight-missing, but Reddit user ‘BlueSpark_2000’ reveals that even aiming a crosshair squarely to an enemy’s head doesn’t fully guarantee a headshot.

“The vandal’s First bullet inaccuracy is ridiculous,”

“I started to tap-fire the enemy Sova in the head while we were BOTH not moving and he was looking in a different direction while using the operator and the bullets just kept going to the sides of his head.”

It’s important to note though that the first-shot accuracy is better in some guns such as the Guardian, than others like the Vandal.

Deja vu

The particular instance conjured a memorable CS:GO meme with a similar nature, with the clip featuring a player’s green-dot crosshair mostly over the opponent who was on the other side of Haven’s C site.

The player believed the Sova should’ve been eliminated, but the missed shots in turn gave the opponent enough time to fire back.

The defender died though, but not before returning an overpowered shot that took user BlueSpark_2000 down from 150 HP to 23. A close one, at that!

“Honestly, I don’t know why first bullet inaccuracy with the vandal is so bad or why it’s even a thing in the game in the first place.”

The concern paved the way for a wider conversation about Valorant’s first-bullet accuracy, with some members of the online community asking for Riot Games’ official statement on the issue.

Classick, a member of the Riot dev team, previously said weapons like the Vandal “have some unreliability at very long ranges,” but that doesn’t seem to work out for a lot of players.

Only time can tell if the devs will look into Valorant’s first-bullet accuracy mechanics to see if there’s truly a need for a change or improvement.

Until then, all players can do is wait for the time being.. and maybe pick some other reliable, easy-to-control guns for now.

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