Valorant bug enables players to walk through walls after patch 1.06

Another strange in-game bug has been discovered by Valorant players which enables one to walk through a solid wall on Ascent’s B site.

This discovery follows the recent patch 1.06 update.

The existence of such a bizarre bug may possibly make or break one’s future matches— creating further issues.

Patch 1.06

Patch 1.06 marks Valorant’s first update for Act 2. It dropped on August 20, featuring in-game bug fixes, shotgun balancing, ability tweaks, among others.

The new update brought changes to the game’s casual and ranked play, along with the release of a new agent: Killjoy.

However, it didn’t launch without problems and issues as in-game bugs are bound to be discovered after any patch.

For instance, some players were able to do an apparent “wallhack” turret exploit on Killjoy’s abilities and a bug with Phoenix’ Curveball ability.

Another game-breaking bug also allows players to walk through walls, with Sage’s B main boost on Ascent.

The strange wall glitch was discovered by player u/Cryptotf, who explained in a bug report that their character was able to pass through a wall near the attacker’s side of B bomb site.

In an attempt to rush the site, the player was instead forced to fall back and hide next to the crates in B Main.

After walking backward to get some cover, their character simply phased right through the wall.

Their character appeared behind some of the opponents, before being quickly finished off by the enemy team.

It remains unclear what caused the bizarre glitch.

Cryptotf further hinted that Sage’s Barrier Orb on top of the crate, used to peek inside the B site windows, could have possibly played a part in the bug.

“Not sure how it happened, might have something to do with sage wall above my head.”

Here is the player’s full bug report on the Valorant Subreddit Bug Megathread:

  • Region: OCE
  • Type of Bug: In-game
  • Description: Walked through a wall
  • Steps to reproduce: Not sure how it happened, might have something to do with sage wall above my head
  • Expected result: Hit wall and stop moving
  • Observed result: Went through wall and died
  • Reproduction rate: Not able to recreate on my own

In an attempt to flag the issue, the Valorant player revealed that it was difficult to reproduce the glitch— which makes it tricky to do if the said execution is planned.

The glitch remains difficult to recreate, but the existence of such an in-game bug can easily confuse players on both teams in future matches.

Riot Games is yet to respond to the said bug as of writing, but devs might just work into looking for a fix along with other issues in patch 1.06.

Players can then expect a solution in the next coming updates to the game!

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