Sneak Peek: How is Pewdiepie Spending his Break from Youtube?

It’s been days since the world was last graced with Pewdiepie content.

This may seem odd among thousands of his fans who are used to their regular dose of Pewdiepie content, but this hiatus just goes on to show how curious fans are waiting for their favorite Youtuber to return.

Late last year, the Youtuber announced that he was going to take a short break from the platform for the early part of 2020, allowing time for himself.

Various media outlets have sensationalized his announcement out of context but let one thing be clear: it’s not goodbye for Pewdiepie just yet. He’s not quitting Youtube.

It remains unknown when the popular content creator will be back but until then, fans are waiting.

So how is Pewdiepie exactly spending his well-deserved “break” from Youtube?

Thanks to his wife Marzia, fans are granted an exclusive sneak peek as to what they’re up to at the moment and it looks like they’re having lots of fun in Japan.

The pics uploaded on January 21 include the pair spending time inside an arcade, taking photos of a small bowling machine among other games.

More photos were then uploaded on the 22nd, which were taken at the Gotokuji temple. It is a Buddhist temple located in the capital Tokyo.

The pair also seemed to have taken a liking in a restaurant with some of the best vegan options in the area. They both stopped to grab a meal there whilst they were on the way to the temple.

Rumors about Pewds’ permanent move to Japan circulated various online communities, especially after he bought a house in the country.

It hasn’t been confirmed or denied yet – so fans may have to wait a while for any official announcement.

In case you don’t know, this has been Pewdiepie’s first big “time-off” in almost 10 years of providing online content.

In his final video before he began his break, the 30-year-old star expressed his gratitude with a toast to the fans who supported him along the way:

“I just wanted to take this moment to give a toast… thank you for watching across the years… it is a big thing, even though it isn’t a giant factor.”

“I want to say thank you for watching my videos; it makes me happy… Cheers to you.”

His Youtube break may span from weeks to months – or an entire year, who knows? What’s clear is Pewdiepie is finally taking some time off for himself after all the hard work he’s poured over the years.

This well-deserved hiatus may just prepare him to come back on his best condition with brand new ideas for entertaining content.

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