Ninja to release New Graphic Novel: The Most Dangerous Game

With most people planning to do their holiday shopping a bit earlier this year to avoid the crowds, gaming superstar Ninja has some suggestions for interested fans.

In a series of tweets, he announced the upcoming release of his new graphic novel titled Ninja: The Most Dangerous Game.

“Wanting to get someone Ninja Christmas gifts? Here are some great ideas! Including my new graphic novel coming out (I based it off of comic book layout)…which I’m so stoked is hitting shelves in two weeks!”

Order link for the product on Amazon, set to drop on December 3rd .

It is the first in a series of original graphic novels, starring Tyler “Ninja” Blevins— one of the most influential public figures in gaming today. Ninja will then embark on exciting gaming adventures, with the fate of the world at stake.

Comic fans will be thrilled to know qthe extended plot information of the said graphic novel.

“Tyler Blevins (aka “Ninja”)— the undisputed champion of the world’s most popular online battle royale—enjoys a captivated audience of millions as he does what he loves: decimating the competition. At the end of one fateful stream, however, Ninja receives a strange package at his doorstep containing a mysterious contraption that appears to be a game controller. With a mind of its own, the controller clasps on and teleports Ninja right into the battle royale’s universe where he must find a way to stay alive, win the game, and, ultimately, save the world.

Along the way, Ninja meets up with this gaming friends who were also transported and together they fulfill a destiny larger than he ever could have imagined.”

Set in an exciting, fictional world created by notable comics writer Justin Jordan and artist Felipe Magaña, this is the first in a graphic novel series that offers a new way for Ninja fans of all ages to experience the gaming streamer’s unmatched wits and skill.

The said graphic novel is priced at 10.99 USD for the Kindle format, and 15.29 USD for the paperback.

The good news is interested fans can pre-order as early as today! Better grab your own copy before stocks go out.

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