Belle Delphine inspires fellow streamer to “sell” bath water

As you may recall, Belle Delphine made headlines earlier this year. In July, the 19-year-old gamer girl and cosplayer announced in a post back that she would be selling jars of “Gamer Girl Bathwater” for all you “THIRSTY gamer boys.”

Her stunt went unexpectedly viral, and her jars which were sold for $30 a pop sold almost immediately.

In the age of Instagram and various e-commerce stunts, you can probably sell almost anything online if you’re a pretty, cosplayer — like Belle Delphine.

However, after the cosplay starlet’s Instagram account was banned, she has been off the radar lately. To fill the void of a world with no Belle Delphine, a Japanese streamer seemed to take a page off Delphine’s book and pay homage to the internet star by “selling” her own bath water during her broadcast.

Delphine’s clever move to get that bread has inspired fellow streamers, apparently.

Meowko, a Japanese streamer, “sold” her bath water to her Twitch chat in the middle of her live stream.

In her October 20 broadcast, the streamer was seen giving her dog a bath in the tub when she decided to pull a prank on her audience.

The Japanese streamer joked about the Belle Delphine incident before her puppy got out. She then stayed by the bathtub as she decided to hop in herself.

In an attempt to replicate the original video of Delphine’s infamous sales pitch on her one-of-a-kind bathwater product, Meowko then went to ask,

Who wants this bath water? I’m going to sell, who wants that?

Before she cupped some of the water in her hands.

Taking the joke a little further, she took the incident on Twitter as she posted a picture from her stream. She asked her followers how they would be willing to pay for it.

I sell 1k of Twitch Chat Bath Water… Kappa How much would you pay?

Given that Belle Delphine has successfully sold out jars of her own bathwater, it wouldn’t be a surprise if loyal Meowko fans would be willing to pay for her own “unique” merchandise.

Turns out, the whole thing was done in good fun. Although Meowko mainly streams IRL happenings in a way to document her adventures, it’s not unlikely for her to venture into the bathwater business after this incident.

The Japanese streamer has 35K followers on Twitch, which is a great following if she wants a potential target audience for her sales.

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