Riot shares update on Valorant ranked leaderboards ahead of Episode 2

How would you like having a ranked leaderboards on Valorant, finally?

If you’re one of those players waiting around for a ranked leaderboard— keep your hopes up, as they might just be around the corner.

Riot recently shared an update on Valorant’s ranked leaderboards ahead of the release of Episode 2.

Although there’s no ETA or time frame for the proposed project, the devs state their plans to implement it in the next major update.


Just like every other competitive game, Valorant players are also longing to have Public leaderboards in the 5v5 tactical shooter. It has been one of the most requested-features especially by those who grind long hours on ranked.

To date, the ranked players have nothing to play for aside from their triangles. Once they hit Radiant, there’s nothing more in store for them.

One solution to this is the addition of Valorant Leaderboards, which is a little overdue according to many players. Having one would mean players have something to look forward to every season and grind hard for. This may even motivate the best players to hold Rank 1— a highly-coveted spot by many.

Keeping quiet?

Countless times, Riot has kept quiet about the topic and even opt to dodge discussing it. However, the concept of Leaderboards became a hot topic once again on October 20 after the devs shared a number of regional leaderboards on Twitter.

“Top ranked players in NA #VALORANT 👀”

They featured the current top 100 players across the regions of North America, Europe, and others.

An early look at the leaderboards reveal it lacks in-depth metrics like MMR and the like, but it was still the first reveal of what the feature may look like on Valorant.

Moreover, having a possible regional leaderboard tapped the playerbase’s interest. Some even went on to believe Riot may introduce the feature ahead of Episode 2— the game’s next major update.

Lead developer Joe Ziegler was quick to speak on the matter and tempered growing fan expectations on Twitter.

“For those of you who want leaderboards in game, we’re currently working on that feature. We don’t have an ETA yet, but we are working on it. Will update you when we get closer to landing it.”

During Valorant’s Act 3 Competitive Changes preview, Riot initially teased “a public, region-based leaderboard” on its way.

The devs didn’t put a specific time frame for the subject, though. They merely revealed that they have been working on the feature.

What the leaderboard could look like was also teased before, along with a Top 500 section for Radiant players. It included breaking down what the ladder could look like in each Act, which is pretty similar to Overwatch’s ranked ladder.

Still, many fans are excited at the prospect of finally having public ranked leaderboards on Valorant:

“Looking forward to seeing how this affects peoples urge to play more seriously!”

“Will really boost the Twitch audience seeing streamers grind for no.1.”

“Finally a reason for me to play ranked”

“Would be very nice if the solo / duo Q also releases with the leaderboard”

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