Get to Know Corinna Kopf: Internet Babe, Social Media Powerhouse

Everyone on the internet has heard of Corinna Kopf in one way or another.

Aside from being a Facebook Gaming streamer, she’s also a part of David Dobrik’s popular Vlog squad— being first featured in the vlogs before she decided to start a channel of her own.

Kopf goes by the online moniker “pouty girl,” and is a renowned American internet personality and social media powerhouse to date. She boasts over 1.74 Million subscribers on YouTube, 5 Million followers on Instagram, and 1.6 Million followers on Twitter.

Don’t let her stunning good looks fool you though, as Corinna Kopf is undoubtedly more than just a pretty face. Let’s get to know the celebrity better, from her roots in fashion to her current gaming influence.

Personal life

Born on December 1, 1995 in Palatine, Illinois, Corinna Kopf is a 24-year-old vlogger, game streamer, and social media personality. She has made a name for herself by detailing her everyday life online to her millions of followers.

Though she grew up in Illinois; her family is scattered throughout the midwest in Wisconsin, Iowa and Missouri. She’d later settle in Los Angeles, California at the peak of her career.

She has plenty of famous friends as well, along the likes of fellow YouTuber Liza Koshy and David Dobrik.

Early roots

The internet star first began as an Instagram model, taking full-advantage of her picture-perfect face. She then branched out to Twitter and YouTube, attracting audiences from the fashion industry and Fortnite fans.

Her career as an Instagram model began way back in college, but she later decided to drop out of her program to pursue an online career instead. Her career shift proved to be a great choice, as she’s now made a name for herself in social media and the gaming industry.

Corinna Kopf is considerably one of the rare influencers who can attract audiences from different demographics, such as in the fashion world and in gaming.

She was first featured in some of David Dobrik’s earliest vlogs, as a member of the popular Vlog squad. Kopf also worked at Hooters for some time prior to her rise to fame.

Many people are convinced that Kopf’s first appearance on the internet is on a David Dobrik vlog, back when they were living together in Los Angeles.

However, their relationship apparently started much earlier. Kopf and Dobrik originally met at a Jack & Jack concert, and that chance meeting started their beautiful friendship. The pair lived together in Chicago, then L.A., where Kopf made a cameo in one of Dobrik’s vlogs.

Dating history

This trivia shouldn’t come off as a surprise if you’re spending too much time on the online world: Kopf had a high-profile relationship with Fortnite pro and fellow streamer Tfue.

The pair had an on-off relationship since 2019, having broken up twice before finally deciding to call it quits. In a collective statement, they revealed the reason behind their recent split is their current living situation.

Tfue doesn’t want to live in Los Angeles where Kopf currently resides, and she doesn’t want to live in Florida where he’s staying. Fortunately, the two claim to have remained as friends despite having split separate ways.

Before they broke up, the pair had a very public relationship where they spoke openly about their dating life on social media. They even revealed some intimate details, including some experiments in the bedroom and hinting at the size of Turner’s member. NSFW much?

Being a drama magnet

With great fame comes a long trail of controversies and issues. Corinna Kopf’s name is no stranger to various online dramas.

For one, she has always been vocal on her dislike towards her fellow online personality, Alinity. Her previous complicated relationship with Tfue has also made headlines often.

She also had a notorious internet feud with Taylor Caniff, someone she was actually in good terms with before. Kopf worked as his personal assistant back to the time Caniff was at the height of his fame, being a YouTuber and Instagram icon.

However, it’s evident that their relationship took a sour turn with Kopf calling him out for acting like a “little b****.” She even went as far as exposing him for abusing a dog that Kopf raised on his behalf.

Her streaming days on Twitch were also filled with controversy, where she was temporarily barred one time for wearing only her undergarments in a stream. This move goes blatantly against the platform’s terms and conditions.

She called out the platform for their unjust punishment as they seemingly play ‘favorites.’

“I got banned tonight on twitch for wearing ‘undergarments’ … I was wearing a chanel tank top, girls body paint on twitch and I get banned for that lmfao.”

Entrepreneurial spirit

Aside from being a game streamer, she also has her own line of clothing. It’s remarkable to know that this feat isn’t easily accomplished by her fellow streamers.

In fact, other gamer girl personalities have to think out of the box to start a merch line of their own— like how Belle Delphine sold her “used” bathwater in jars.

It might come as a surprise to know Kopf didn’t exactly come from an entrepreneurial family. She just knows to pursue the right opportunities at the right time. In fact, her father works a 9-to-5 job as a FedEx or UPS delivery man— Kopf admits she doesn’t “know what he does anymore” in an interview.

Ditched Twitch for Facebook Gaming

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With many streamers and online personalities claiming they are making more on Facebook Gaming, it’s not a total shock for Kopf to ditch Twitch in favor of the latter back in December 2019.

Twitch has also been infamously branded as “saturated” with thousands of streamers offering similar content, but on Facebook Gaming— Kopf can totally rock the gamer girl image on a clean slate.

Her Facebook Gaming move was dubbed as the platform’s biggest female-streamer acquisition at that time.

She said goodbye to her close to half a million Twitch audience, saying in a statement that:

“As a female gamer, it’s so important for me to find a home that not only empowers myself but also all of you, in order to make a positive impact in the gaming world.”

As of writing, the Facebook Gaming partner has over 663k followers as she frequently streams Among Us, Fortnite, and Fall Guys.

German heritage

Kopf is not one to publicly talk about her lineage or share details about her personal background, however, it’s revealed that she has strong ties to her German heritage.

Although born in Illinois, Corinna is actually 75% German. She has family back in Germany and even used to visit her German grandparents in the summer back when she was a kid.

Because of this annual visit, Kopf can speak the German language. She even claims to be fluent at it, but admits that her skills have rusted down. She can still speak a good amount of German at the moment, but can understand the language better than she can speak it.

Veterinarian dreams

Prior to her rise to fame, Kopf actually wanted to be a veterinarian. She grew up with dogs and loves them as pets to date. Her high-profile life as an online celebrity means she has little to no time left to tend to other activities, but she adopted a dog back in 2018.

Life didn’t roll out as she initially planned, but she’s truly living the life many other influencers and Instagram models can only aspire to have.

Relationship profile

Prior to her high-profile relationship with Tfue, there has been on-going fan speculation about her possible relationship with controversial YouTuber Logan Paul in early 2019.

The rumors even date back to 2018, where they were both spotted getting intimate at a basketball game. The speculation only ended when she finally confirmed her relationship with Tfue.

She also dated fellow Instagram personality, Toddy Smith, in 2018. It’s worth noting that she broke up with Smith before engaging in a rumored relationship with Paul. Kopf was also linked to social media personality, Jack Dail.

A fan of tattoos and piercings

While Corinna Kopf isn’t exactly covered in tattoos at first glance, she actually has several tattoos hidden that are meant to immortalize some of the closest people in her life.

She has tattooed words on her skin in a poetic way to remember her favorite people such as her friend Jason Nash— whom she shortened to J. Nash tattooed on her inner lip. The words “You are strong I love you” are also tattooed on her foot, as a way to remember her late brother who took his own life.

Kopf is also fond of piercings, her ears having been pierced multiple times.


Corinna Kopf’s overwhelming and powerful social media presence remains undisputed. The blonde bombshell sure knows how to play her cards right and take advantage of the spotlight while she’s in the hot seat.

With so many gamer girl personalities desiring the same success in the industry as Kopf, perhaps they might find it useful to study how she began her career and learn a thing or two from the OG herself.

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