Apex Legends season six, Boosted, will begin on Aug. 18

A brand new season is coming to Apex Legends!

The highly anticipated new season will introduce new content and exciting changes to the hyped Battle Royale title.


Apex Legends Season 6 “Boosted” will begin on August 18, along with the addition of a new legend Rampart.

There might be a chance for the devs to delay the actual start though, same with what they did in S5, to accommodate the Battle Armor Event and give players a few more days to complete last-minute things.

Just like every other single season so far, the massive update will also introduce a new Legend to the game, Rampart.

Who is Rampart?

Rampart is described as “an expert modder who made her name in the underground fight clubs; Rampart talks big and has the ballistics to back it up.”

She’s a 21-year-old British-Indian private business owner, who carries a heavy-mounted turret and a backpack full of scrap metal.

In the official video teaser for the new season, she’s seen using a massive turret-like machine gun, affectionately named Sheila.

Sheila is then expected to be one of her possible abilities, along with Amped Cover, a transparent barricade that apparently blocks incoming shots and boosts any outgoing fire through it.

Respawn confirmed the latest addition of Rampart to the game:

“Expert modder Rampart is joining the Games in Season 6. Ready to dance? Get acquainted with Rampart and Sheila when Season 6 launches on August 18 along with a new weapon, a new Crafting system, and more! “

Her full kit of abilities isn’t revealed just yet.

Rampart is voiced by Anjali Bhimani, who is also the voice of Symmetra in Overwatch.

It seems like fans are ecstatic at Rampart’s addition to the game:

“Starting to get excited”



“pretty lady… with big guns…. i’m all in for this one”

New weapon, battle pass, and ranked series

For Season 6, players can collect materials around the Apex Legends map for a chance to build something better (that is, if you don’t like your existing gear.)

There’s also a new energy SMG (the Volt), described as the game’s newest weapon:

“Charge into battle with this energy SMG that packs a punch.”

This SMG will use Energy Ammo and might be similar to its Titanfall 2 version– proving to be a powerful force in close-to-medium-range gunfights.

There will also be a new Battle Pass with 100 new items such as Legendary Skins and holo-sprays, and the highly-awaited start of Ranked Series 5.

When it comes to a brand new map in S6, there’s nothing confirmed as of yet. Players may have to wait a while and see if the devs decide to introduce a new map as a surprise.Don’t forget to check out the trailer for Season 6 on YouTube!

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