Riot vows to make “clarity improvements” to VALORANT’s hit registration issues

Hit registration has been a burden for some players ever since Valorant’s official launch, but the good news is— Riot Games vows to solve these issues or at least make “clarity improvements.”

This would greatly improve the overall gameplay experience of the hyped FPS title.

Numerous bugs

Every game has its own fair share of bugs, and players have raised their own in-game complaints ever since Valorant’s beta was released earlier this year.

One of the most pressing issues is the game’s supposedly inconsistent hit registration.

Recently, Riot Games released an official developer’s blog post about the matter and outlines how it plans to fix some of the issues.

“Our goal as developers is to ensure that when a player fires a shot, the outcome of the shot is clear, feels right, and is above all else, correct.”

“We’ll sometimes see posts or receive messages from players with clips where hit reg appears broken. We take all of these reports seriously, and go through each video frame-by-frame to validate that the system is working as expected.”

Community response

Riot is praised for actively responding to community feedback about glitches, bugs, and other in-game problems.

However, when it comes to most commonly raised issues, developers believe it does not have to do with hit registration— but instead, the visual clarity of one’s shot.

“Upon closer review, the majority of the clips had issues not with correctness, but with clarity,”

“The shots were being properly processed, but the visual feedback of the shot was presenting a misleading outcome to the player.”

Examples presented were when a player is shot at when moving, and when a player is shot while crouching.

During both circumstances, players see the visual effect of a hit in the wrong spot (such as a headshot on a target who’s in a crouch position).

Different factors

Riot believes a few different factors can trick a player to believe they’ve hit a headshot.

For instance, the hit visual effect may be delayed due to internet latency and might be displayed at the original shot impact location.

Devs presented a few fixes in mind to potentially solve these issues:

“One of the changes we’re iterating on is to have blood and spark effects spawn on the character’s current position, according to which part of their body got hit, and follow them as they move.”

“This greatly increases the clarity in situations like in case study two with crouching enemies, because the visual effect will move with their body movements.”

Players can expect to see these fixes in the game soon, especially with Valorant’s burgeoning esports scene.

These improved effects must stay concise and clear so every player can be confident on the outcome they’ll get from each shot they hit.

Read the full developer’s blog post here.

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