DrDisrespect believes shroud going pro in Valorant would be a great move

To DrDisrespect, Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek going pro in Valorant would be a great move. He even called the idea “sweet.”

Professional career

After DrDisrespect’s successful return to the streaming world on August 7, his two-hour stream peaked with a warm welcome of over 500k viewers.

This just goes to show DrDisrespect’s massive online presence regardless of which platform he’s on.

In case you missed it, the Doc now calls YouTube his home after his high-profile ban on Twitch in June. As of writing, no official statement or reason for the ban has been issued yet from both parties.

Although the ban was sudden, it doesn’t seem like he had a problem sorting out his next move for his career in the industry. The streamer seemed to have successfully fit right in his new platform.

The Two-Time talked about a few subjects including streaming games and talking about his return, before bringing up the possibility of fellow streamer and former CSGO player Shroud going pro in Valorant.

He instantly gave his seal of approval at the thought, as he believes it would be perfect for Shroud.

Fan speculation

There has been speculation regarding Shroud pursuing a professional career once more in the Valorant esports scene.

After Mixer’s shutdown in July, Shroud is yet to announce if he would continue focusing on his streaming career or go back to his roots as a competitive eSports player.

His recent tweets, however, seem to suggest he’s considering going pro in Valorant.

Doc’s take

DrDisrespect called the idea of Shroud going pro in Valorant indeed “sweet.”

He mentioned the streamer while talking about which YouTubers he thinks of collaborating with in the future, before bringing up Shroud’s hiatus from streaming.

“Where’s shroud?! What the hell is going on with shroud, can anyone tell me?!”

“What are his little gifs?!”

He also alluded to the cryptic tweets Shroud has been posting on August 5, jumping on the theory that his friend might decide to go into professional esports once more.

“I hope that he’s going pro. That is the only thing I can speculate. I hope he’s going pro, it looks like there is some hints on Valorant. I don’t know, I’ve seen some of the speculation around these gifs.”

“Because I think Valorant will, you know, within the next year, two years, three years, it will be like the sort of Counter-Strike level, maybe. I don’t know. There is a hardcore following, hardcore player group, a community if you will.”

For now, only time can tell if the Doc’s speculations will come true.

Shroud recently confirmed his return to Twitch along with the debut of his brand new logo. As for his pro eSports endeavors, there’s nothing confirmed as of yet.

One thing is for sure, though. Valorant eSports would be perfect for Shroud, who is known for his amazing FPS game sense and aiming.

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