Twitch Streamer Appeals Ban and Apologizes for Strange Pokimane Clip

Streamer Empirrre was banned on Twitch after “kissing” a picture of Pokimane’s backside in a recent stream.

He has now issued an apology and continues to plea for the ban to be lifted.

The notorious clip happened on his January 30 broadcast, where the streamer pulled up an image of Pokimane on his broadcast. Shortly after, he rotated his camera around and made it look like he was kissing Poki’s bum.

When Imane “Pokimane” Anys heard about the infamous clip, she took time to watch it on stream.

Her response? The streamer barely shook her head and moved her camera to block the footage of him with her hand

She also laughed it off, prompting fans to expect that may be the end of the controversial stunt.

But now, two weeks later, Empirre uploaded a video dated February 11 on Twitter.

He was found apologizing to Pokimane and Twitch, as well as asking the platform to respond to his ban appeal.

“I’ve been on Twitch for four to five years… it’s given me a sense of purpose, but recently I’ve found myself banned,” began the Aussie, before diving right into what had happened.”

“So, I made a clip, it was a joke that I set up involving a picture of Pokimane… I put up a picture of her and I kissed her butt. Shortly after I was banned for a day… [but] I went live the next day and was banned indefinitely.”

The streamer also took it to Twitter to reflect the severity of his poorly-thought actions:

“This video is very awkward and I hated making it because talking to a camera makes me nervous when not streaming but I made a short apology video figured I owed it to everyone… Please look at my appeal I beg you.”

Empirrre then apologized to everyone who got involved in the mess.

“I’m sorry… I’m truly deeply f**king sorry if I have offended anybody. It’s been about seven days since I’ve streamed and I’m feeling it, all I have is streaming.”

“All I wanted to do is make people laugh and now I’m banned… I literally don’t know what to do with myself”

He concluded his apology video while reiterating his request for Twitch to respond to his ban appeal.

Neither official representatives from Twitch nor Pokimane have responded to Empirrre’s apologetic statements yet.

However, his fans continue to hope for this issue to be resolved soon.

“I hope to see that live red LIVE next to your name very soon EMP. I can tell you are genuinely regretful and wanting to understand the specifics so you can make the corrections. So you can continue your dream of reaching others.”
“Twitch isnt the same without you dude. I look forward to your return <3”
“So sorry this has happened to you man. Hopefully they can get it sorted 💜💜”

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