David Dobrik Speaks up on Tana Mongeau Dating Rumors

Youtuber David Dobrik finally speaks up on Tana Mongeau dating rumors.

The two Youtube stars sent the internet into a frenzy after a suggestive tweet that made fans speculate they were dating.

A few days later, they finally had the chance to address the rumors properly.

On January 5, Tana Mongeau suggested that her relationship with the fellow Youtuber got even better, if not more closer.

“For the past two days I’ve been coincidentally napping when David texted me, ‘What are you doing?’ So I just changed his text tone to an alarm tone, because 2020 is not a year of f***ing up my bag.”

Apparently, she had been texting and keeping in touch with her good friend David Dobrik in the midst of her relationship “break” with husband Jake Paul.

Unsurprisingly, many fans quickly jumped into dating rumors and speculations about how the two were romantically involved.

“From Jake to David? Talk about a glow up!”
“ayo famous boyfriend checkkkk😍😂😭🤪”
“Mom and dad 🤩”

Mongeau even retweeted a news article about the rumors, which only made the internet go more crazy.

But as it turns out, the rumors were merely “just” rumors.

The speculations came to a conclusion shortly after the two published separate tweets three days later.

On January 8, Mongeau attached a screenshot of her exclusive Facetime call with Dobrik, saying,

“We’d like to be addressing these rumors in private, smh.”

Dobrik also weighed in his thoughts on the matter. Replying to a Tweet from Life & Style asking “So, are y’all dating or what?”

He replied, “R y’all on crack?”

This seems to put a final answer to all the questions and wild speculations about their supposed romance.

It seems that Mongeau’s alleged fling with Dobrik isn’t really what it turns out to be.

In case you missed it, the Youtube personality revealed her recent break from husband Jake Paul.

The celebrity couple emotionally announced this to their fans in two separate Instagram posts last January 2.

They cited the reason being: they needed to focus on their “own very crazy lives.”

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