Who is Pink Sparkles? More than just Asmongold’s famous ex-girlfriend

Twitch video game steamer, Instagram icon, Gamer girl, and internet celebrity— Pink Sparkles is all of that and more. Aside from being popular Word of Warcraft icon Asmongold’s ex-girlfriend, she has been continuously thriving as a popular content creator.

Most recently, she has also been actively promoting 18+ and NSFW content on her official OnlyFans account. This is most likely the reason why she got into hot water on Twitch, though.

Someone must’ve forgotten to unlink their Twitter account on Twitch, woopsy!


Samantha Tomlensen, who is most commonly known by her online aliases Izzy G/Pink Sparkles, originally hails from Poland but is currently living in California.

The 25-year-old game streamer was initially a teacher for two years before she became a streamer playing League of Legends (LoL).

Her Twitch account boasts over 1M followers. Proving to be quite a social media powerhouse, she also has 155.4k followers on Twitter and 234k followers on Instagram.

She claims to have watched lots of TV shows during her childhood and was interested in games, which inspired her to pursue becoming a full-time video game streamer.

Her PiinkSparkles Youtube channel has over 1.15 million subscribers where she usually features IRL vlogs, clothing and make-up hauls, and Q&A videos.

She also has an exclusive Subreddit dubbed as a “Fan-sub for Pink Sparkles and her assets,” where she sometimes manages the posts herself together with her mods.

High-profile relationship

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Pink Sparkles’ high-profile relationship with fellow Twitch streamer Asmongold is probably one of the most-defining factors of her career. They grew to be a popular couple among Twitch circles, after first confirming their relationship back in August 2018.

However, the pair have parted ways after dating for over a year and a half. Pink Sparkles later opened up about her relationship with the World of Warcraft streamer, and it doesn’t seem all rainbows and butterflies. She claims that she has been suffering from depression and is unhappy with her living situation with Asmongold in Austin, Texas.

In a now deleted tweet, she says:

“I’ve been very unhappy in Austin for many reasons… It’s lead me into a pretty deep depression for a while, making it impossible for me to go live. So I’ve decided that it’s best for me to move back to Cali and work on myself.”

She also confirmed her split with the WoW streamer, revealing that  both parties were both dealing with personal issues at the time.

“It’s been very difficult for us to enjoy our time together recently, while at the same time dealing with a lot of personal problems, and it’s unfair for both to continue this way.”

Though they decided to part ways, the two confirmed they will remain as friends. Asmongold confirmed the split in a WoW stream, saying:

“It’s a long story, I don’t want to get into it. I try to keep my personal life and my private life and drama off my stream. …It sucks, right? Etc, that’s the way it goes.”

Their split marked the end of one of Twitch’s more unique and popular romances.

Beauty guru roots

Before she found success in gaming, Pink Sparkles initially started as a beauty guru on YouTube in 20009. As a “beauty vlogger,” she posts videos about cosmetics, fashion, hair-styling, nail art, and other beauty-related topics.

Her content about dolling up and make-up made her a real YouTube sensation.

Although she was gaining views and growing her YT channel, it wasn’t until 2015 that her popularity took off as she began her Twitch career and streamed titular video games (League of Legends, Fortnite, World of Warcraft and others).

By the time, the name Pink Sparkles or Izzy G was becoming more noticeably popular in the gaming industry. Her career further took off when she announced her relationship with World of Warcraft icon Asmongold in 2018.

Her skills of a beauty blogger are still there, of course. Recently, Pink Sparkles was seen promoting a Seoul-based beauty clinic BanoBagi as she revealed the details of her plastic surgery.

She already had a nose job done in the USA, but she was very unpleased with the outcome because her nose tip still appeared to be droopy and long.  With so many reputable plastic surgery clinics in South Korea, Pink Sparkles went to visit Korea for cosmetic revision in 2019.

Recent Twitch ban

In October, the streamer was handed a ban on Twitch— which left many of her fans confused.

Some people on Reddit speculated that it was because she was promoting adult content through her OnlyFans account on her channel. This would clearly be a violation of the platform’s community guidelines, as sexually explicit and suggestive content is strictly prohibited.

In particular, most of her tweets on Twitter included suggestive photos of her body and assets and explicitly promoting her OnlyFans account which she began in the summer.

It doesn’t seem like her Twitch slip was intentional, though. The streamer did not realise that her Twitter was linked to her Twitch account, hence is why her NSFW content made its way to the streaming platform as well.

OnlyFans presence

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Pink Sparkles joins other influential gamer girl icons (such as Belle Delphine, Jasmin Foxe, Chelxie, and Khaljiit) in launching their official OnlyFans account.

She promotes her assets on the platform, spending hours working for new content in order to “pay for her ice cream addiction,” or so the 26 years old claims.

Many Twitch streamers with large followings find it difficult to interact with their loyal fans on the platform, especially with the frequent presence of trolls or spam messages in the live chat.

It’s no surprise how these gamer girls turned to a platform where they can interact with their superfans in a rather intimate way and earn some bucks all at the same time.

OnlyFans provides these female streamers a multitude of content opportunities and monetisation options. They use the platform to interact closely with their loyal viewers rather than in the depths of a noisy twitch chat.

Through OnlyFans, Pink Sparkles can engage with her fanbase in a way she can’t do on her Twitch streams as per platform guidelines. That way, she can strengthen her relationship with fans, adding a sense of variety to her content and also make some extra dough in the process.

Many conider the platform as a more intimate way to connect with their audience, where they may also unapologetically express themselves without setting boundaries since they may talk about more private topics about real life than they are allowed on stream.

Fake gamer girl?

As a Girl Gamer, Pink Sparkles is notable for streaming games such as Fortnite, WoW, and League of Legends. However, many remain to be sceptical of her gaming skills mainly because she’s known to wear revealing tank tops and breast-focused clothing while on stream.

Hence, she has been notoriously branded as a fake gamer girl along with the likes of Kaceytron. Kaceytron, a fellow Twitch streamer, has used the “Fake Gamer Girl” card to her advantage. She finds a way to turn all the controversy she’s involved with into methods of growing her fanbase.

The reason why Pink Sparkles is the favorite subject of criticism is because of how she manages to draw in the viewers by tactics like wearing tank tops and presenting a friendly personality alone.

Most male streamers can’t do the same on Twitch to get lots of viewers and subscribers— not even if they wear a low cut shirt, act flirty with the chat, make cute noises and kissy faces.

The growing criticism

To many male streamers and elitist viewers, it’s a shame how it is actually possible for “girl gamers” to not like gaming, and simply lie about it in order to earn easy money or gather a loyal audience.

Everyday, there are a lot of female streamers being scrutinized for wearing skimpy and revealing clothing to lure in viewers. Showing too much skin on camera is something most people think as an attention-seeking strategy.

The majority dub this as an easy way to generate views, if not desperate, hence it’s no wonder why many are opposed to this kind of tactic pulled by many so-called girl gamers. These people cry foul and call out these e-girls with rather demeaning names like “fake gamer girl” and “camwhore.”

Female streamers who wear tank tops and other comfortable, breast-focused clothing (like Pink Sparkles) are most often compared with camgirls.

Whatever reason they may have for choosing to wear such clothing, for comfort or just that they ran out of regular tees because it’s laundry day, a lot of these girls appear to show cleavage for the effective increased viewer count— hence the comparison.

Both jobs are also similar in ways like maintaining a regular schedule, keeping in touch with fans and supporters, and building a unique online persona.

They are forms of online work grounded on one’s ability to cultivate and monetize a personal following… and not every girl can do that, most definitely. It’s also talent in itself— regardless of what anyone says.

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