The Story Behind Why #h3h3isoverparty Trended on Twitter

Guess it’s true, hell has no fury like a K-pop fan scorned.

Online personality H3H3 (the husband and wife duo of Ethan and Hila Klein) received backlash when Ethan publicly criticized Korean (or K-pop) stars, much to the dismay of their army of fans.

It’s the primary reason why the hashtag #h3h3isoverparty trended on Twitter on December 9.

H3H3 never shied away from controversy or keeping their opinions to themselves. In so doing, they remain as some of the most popular content creators on Youtube.

H3h3productions is considered as one of the most popular reaction Youtube channels, with the comedic duo creating various hilarious skits that gives thoughtful commentary.

With viral videos like their iconic ‘vape nation’ video, they eventually garnered a loyal following of over 6.59 million as of writing.

But apparently, not everyone can be pleased with their bluntness.

The pair definitely angered some fans when they dared to critique the globally-renowned kpop boy group, BTS.

As they watched one of BTS’ videos, Ethan and Hila discussed the K-pop genre. Ethan was very particular in saying that he just doesn’t understand the whole appeal.

“I don’t get the BTS thing… I’m just going to say it right now, I don’t like K-pop. I hate K-pop. I don’t get BTS… How did this become a thing in Western culture, where all these grown men and little girls are jerking off to lil K-pop boys? It’s like a little fetish.”

He further reiterated his point saying how “weird” some K-pop fans are, before joking that someone will probably try to come after him for what he’s said.

Accordingly, a barrage of angry K-pop fans took it to Twitter to express their appalled reactions. It only took a while for the hashtag #h3h3isoverparty to trend on the platform as an attempt to cancel the social media stars.

Ethan, in particular, remains unbothered by the backlash he’s received.

He even celebrated trending on Twitter as a glorious feat and continued to make light of the situation, regardless of the verbal harassment pouring down on his name.

“My message to K-pop fans: Lighten up nerds, if you can’t handle your hobby being made fun of a little bit then you are really are just a bunch of little girls jerking off to K-pop boys.”

Even Pewdiepie was quick to jump on the drama, and attached a fancam of the K-pop group Stray Kids in a tweet:

“Fucking POS YOURE TRASH! Speak bad of kpop and bts again and army will WALK ALL OVER YOU!  #h3h3isoverparty”

While Ethan remains unbothered with the drama surrounding him, may it be a lesson learned how K-pop fans are some of the most loyal fans on the internet.

They will defend their idols no matter what it takes!

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