Riot currently investigates broken headshot hit reg on Valorant

Good news, Valorant players!

Riot Games confirmed they are currently investigating one of the most infamous issues pressed by Valorant players— crouch hit registration.


Since Valorant’s closed beta stage, several players have raised concerns about the inaccuracy caused by a crouching opponent while you’re shooting. This has messed up with the in-game headshot registration.

The famous Riot FPS title boasts 128-tick servers, whether you’re playing competitive, spike rush, or unrated. Players also often play with a low ping since it is region-locked.

Players have enjoyed its low-latency, high-fidelity gameplay but that doesn’t mean it is same from bugs and a few other issues.

Headshot hit reg bug

Crouching is a tactic used by many players to minimize their movement as much as possible, which also improves their shooting accuracy.

But there has been an increasing number of incidents where the opposite number absorbs a headshot, with the blood splatter animation coming from the enemy player to confirm a headshot has been made.

The crux of the said issue happens when an opponent crouches in the midst of a gunfight, which then adjusts the headshot hit box. This is indicative of a possible netcode issue.

A player took the liberty to demonstrate the infamous issue first-hand. In a clip, a player scores a headshot (supposedly a one-shot kill with the Vandal), but they’re only rewarded with body shot damage.

A Redditor called on the attention of Riot Games developers to investigate and fix the issue. It is considerably the biggest “problem” players are facing with the game at the moment.

Riot Sobey responded:

“We are aware of this issue and are looking into it!”

With the confirmation, many players are rejoicing and hoping for an immediate fix to improve their general gameplay experience:

“Your acknowledgement of such a big issue means a lot to those of us who haven’t enjoyed the game recently because of this!”

“thank you for the acknowledgement it really does mean a lot.”

There’s no explanation offered as to why there’s a headshot hit reg bug or a timeframe on a possible fix yet, but rest assured— Riot Games is currently working on it.

This provides a sense of relief to many players who are being burdened by the in-game issue.

Back in May, Valorant devs already confirmed the existing hit-registration issues in the game:

“Big thanks for the reports/videos you shared around hit registration feeling off. We found and are fixing a number of issues that compounded this, with the biggest being an actual hit registration bug that impacts low FPS players harder (it’s a desync related to in-game FPS)”

“Mix this with movement inaccuracy changes and it being hard to tell between body/headshots with sparks (also blood accidentally being disabled) — we hit a perfect storm of issues. Chasing down all of these things now.”

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