Kaceytron Indefinitely Suspended on Twitch over Insensitive Coronavirus Comment

Edit: Kaceytron was apparently unbanned on March 29

It seems like Twitch has no room for distasteful jokes about COVID-19 fatalities.

Twitch star Kaceytron recently made light of coronavirus fatalities, which landed her an indefinite ban on Twitch.

In order to be reinstated, the streamer will need to appeal her ban personally.

Kacey “Kaceytron” Cavinessjoined fellow Twitch celebrity Rajj Patel on a collab stream, where she was asked if she would kiss someone with coronavirus.

To this, she responded yes and:

“We would leave quarantine, and we would try to spread it as much as possible because the world would be a better place without old and poor people.”

Although she might mean it in a joking manner, Twitch was quick to hand her an indefinite suspension.

Kaceytron may have to bid farewell (for now) to her 500k followers on the platform.

She took it to Twitter to elaborate on the situation further:

“I’ve been indefinitely suspended because of an insensitive comment I made lastweek. I don’t condone hatred towards any person and it was a poor reflection of my character. I’m just trying to take this all in right now. I ask that my audience please remain calm and rational.”

Twitch’s message specifies that the starlet engaged in “hateful conduct and threats of violence against a person or group of people”

Fortunately, she acknowledges it was an insensitive joke that was perhaps better off unsaid.

“For anyone wondering it was a comment I made on the Rajj show that was uploaded to LSF. Obviously it was a joke but that doesn’t excuse it. It was in poor taste and my fault.”

The Twitch star further admitted in a Twitter thread how she uses humor as a “coping mechanism”, although it was not an excuse for the poor choice of words she said on air:

“I’ve always used humor as a coping mechanism, when I said “poor and old people are a plague” it was me letting out my frustration and mocking a system that I have felt like has tossed the poor and elderly aside.”

“I realize that it was an insensitive joke and that’s not an excuse for it, I accept my punishment. I just hope that you all can realize I am human, I’m not infallible, I make mistakes.”

For now, the only option is for Caviness to appeal the ban in order to be reinstated back into the platform.

Many were quick to reply to Kaceytron’s original tweet, saying her insensitive joke was deserving of a suspension — especially from someone with a great audience reach like hers.

“I saw the clip and was very offended and can’t believe you thought this was a joke, 100% deserved ban”

“I do wish you could have said anything else.  No paid comedian would go 50 yards near that direction :(.  Sorry all this happened”

While others believe that it was an obvious joke, and Twitch was just blowing things out of proportion.

“Seems like an obvious joke, I don’t like seeing people get banned for jokes”

“I thought context was supposed to matter ? How could anyone take what you said seriously… it’s like believing an onion article”

“Of all the bans I’ve seen this has got to be the strangest. Seen hundreds of streamers make jokes on the same vein as this for years with immunity. Not saying it’s a hilarious joke but what the f*ck twitch.”

Do you think Kaceytron deserves the indefinite ban? Let us know in the comments!

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