YouTuber Nikki Limo Demonetized for Content Featuring Firearms?

Youtube star Nikki Limo was left all confused and loss for words as she learned she had been demonetized on YouTube.

The reason being?

It’s apparently because one of her content featured “firearms”, which is surprising since her channel typically leans towards cooking and food-related content.

Nikki Limo has gathered over 584k subscribers on her YouTube channel, where she’s best known for her vlogs and podcast series.

She also features all-you-can-eat sketches, vlogs, and witty banters in her videos.

The Youtuber has had quite a track record on the video sharing platform for many years, but she was left stunned after discovering that her channel had been demonetized.

On January 4, Nikki revealed on Twitter that YouTube sent a notification about her channel being demonetized, specifically due to a “significant portion” of her videos being based around firearms.

Her confusion was clear. She doesn’t fully understand what the demonetization was for, implying that it was likely a mistake on YouTube’s end.

One thing is for sure, Nikki is not tolerant about the rather unjust ruling on her channel.

“YouTube demonetized my channel because a significant portion” of my content has to do with firearms?”

“I don’t know anything about firearms! I AM SO CONFUSED. Like, I literally make cooking videos.”

She further revealed how she had also been given a guide to the policies on content featuring firearms, saying:

“When you click on the “learn more” button, it takes you to this page with this video about what types of firearms videos are okay and not okay.
It actually thinks I teach how to build guns… “

Although it was quite a confusing moment for the Youtube star since she’s seemingly being punished for nothing, she also admitted how she’s flattered because it makes her seem hella badass.

Nikki sure knows a thing or two about finding the silver lining in tough situations.

Fans have speculated it was perhaps because of her frequent use of knives in the kitchen while preparing meals. This could’ve been one valid reason why her content was flagged by the system.

Regardless, the notification message sent by the Youtube team clearly mentioned the usage of guns.

Nikki hasn’t updated yet if her channel is still being demonetized. Youtube also hasn’t released any official statement regarding their ruling against the content creator.

The start of 2020 may have been rough for the Youtuber but fans may just have to wait a while for any updates!

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