Call of Duty: Mobile launches 1v1 duel mode and new map

Attention, Call of Duty – Mobile fans!

Activision Blizzard confirmed CoD-M’s recent update involving a brand new, time-limited 1v1 duel mode and an exclusive map: Saloon.

New map: Saloon

The new CoDM map is called “Saloon”, which is only available in the limited-time one vs one duel and the two vs two game modes.

Saloon is a close-quarters map and has a circular western exterior, with the interior playspace of the actual Saloon. Players can choose to play in either, but both have unique advantages of their own.

There is going to be more space to move around in the exterior and a more cover to hide in gunfights. Choose to duck behind boarded posts (with wanted and reward signs), an overturned safe, boxes, wagons of hay bales, and more!

Formidable choice of weapons include assault rifles, SMGs, and even shotguns.

The inside is a much tighter space, so you might want to switch to a shotgun. But, you will have less cover and you need to rely on a quickdraw to outbest your opponent.

If you need a more tactical approach, make use of the bar and a small table to provide minimal cover. But indoors, the 1v1 matchup becomes a pure shoot out.

These limited-time additions prove to be an interesting update which is similar to Modern Warfare’s Gunfight.

Time-limited 1v1 duel

The new 1v1 duel mode is played in a best of three format. Whoever earns seven kills first will win the round.

If you are down a few kills, don’t worry. There will be time for you to catch up. Losing the first round gives you an opportunity to go for a reverse sweep to dominate the match.

Besides your seven lives, health regeneration is also activated. You can use it to your advantage should you need to disengage from fight to regain your strength, before attacking once more.

But, there’s an interesting twist! How the game mode is played seems to be a refreshing take compared to other shooting FPS titles on mobile.

During the first round, both players can choose their desired weapon. Pick something that will highlight your strengths! In the second round, however, the winner of the first round will be given a randomly picked weapon while the losing player retains the chance to pick a specific loadout.

The key here is, familiarize yourself with all the weapon classes— because just like a box of chocolates, you will never know what you may get!

The ruleset will go back and forth until the specific match is concluded.

Tips for success

In the official community update blog post, Activision also released tips for success you might want to read up on:

  1.     If stealth is your game, move swiftly, but quietly and wait until you have good visibility on your opponent before you fire. The sound of your weapon can easily tip someone off when there are no other players in the game.
  2.     Saloon is a small map built for a close-up skirmish. Keep that in mind as you select your loadout for the first round. Afterwards, consider choosing loadouts that play to the map, but always go with your strengths first.
  3.     Using lethal and tactical equipment is extremely important in a 1v1 battle. Even if you don’t hit your target you will gain critical intel on where the enemy is or isn’t.
  4.     In a game where quickdraw matters, you can benefit from hip-firing. Look into switching up your fire mode or pre-fire, that is fire before you ADS, to ensure you get the first shot.
  5.     Although Saloon is small, you can still use the space to your advantage. For instance, if your loadout is a close-quarters weapon like a shotgun, try and force the battle to the interior where you might have the upper hand. Just make sure your draw fast and aim true.

Read more about Call of Duty: Mobile’s new game modes, credit store updates, season’s roadmap, and World Championship Qualifiers on the official community update.

“It’s a good ‘ol fashioned shoot-out in the wild west on Saloon, a new map available for 1v1 duel in Call of Duty: Mobile. It seems you’ve ruffled a few of the wrong feathers in Once Upon A Time In Rust and found yourself in a fight to the death with only your weapon and your quickdraw to get you through it. Before you fire away partner, get a few tips on Saloon and some tricks for out-maneuvering your opponent in a 1v1 match-up. “

Best of luck out there on the wild west!

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