What Happened To Belle Delphine?

The world has gone into lockdown, the economy is crashing, everyone’s asked to stay inside their homes— and when we need our favorite e-girl the most: she’s vanished.

Most fans are wondering, where is Belle Delphine and what happened to her?

The infamous girl gamer bathwater entrepreneur has been MIA on all her social media channels, but her influence remains unparalleled. Even when she’s virtually missing, she recently managed to land on Twitter’s trending list.

Belle Delphine is trending?

Apparently, netizens are waging a stan war over Neekolul (a Twitch streamer turned TikTok influencer) and the OG gamer girl Belle Delphine. Fans call it the e-girl civil war for simps.

The comparison only fueled when Neeko attempted to do a TikTok dance meme Belle prior created.

Delphine didn’t exactly make the original dance, but she’s the one who helped it become viral.

Both girls are also embodying the “kawaii” factor, often acting cutesy or wearing make-up and costumes like that in anime.

The mysterious case of Belle’s disappearance

To date, there hasn’t been any concrete explanation for Delphine’s inactivity.

She has been active on social media until August 2019, but took a short hiatus after taking a well-deserved holiday in Greece.

Delphine stayed lowkey after that, only making headlines once more when she got arrested for vandalizing an unnamed girl’s car who allegedly stole her pet hamster in a house party.

Comeback, but not really

Her fans rejoiced when she made her comeback in November 2019. But, this excitement was rather short lived.

“Hello internet. good to be back <3 here is video I made uwu~”

After posting a tweet and a Youtube video, Belle Delphine, yet again went back into hiatus.

Her unique yet bizarre video entitled “How to become Belle Delphine” stars Belle (dressed in a baby pink doctor attire) and her skeleton buddy named Mr. Skeleton.

It presents a series of bizarre yet incredibly alluring “ritual” steps where she makes use of razor blades, glitter glue, colorful sequins, a hammer, sausages, safety pins, a lollipop, a can of spam, a plate of pastries, and a toy stethoscope. Fans might want to check it out to find out what other wickedness Belle Delphine came up with.

One user even expressed his confusion over Belle’s disappearance:

“I’m so confused to why she disappeared lol. She was like the second big egirl to do lewd stuff before it became extra popular and then she vanished and onlyfans is in every twitter bio. She would have been raking in the $$$$$”

She would’ve been making tons of money right now, with lots of fans and gamers stuck inside their homes, but apparently that’s not her goal.

Then again, it’s always good to hear Belle Delphine loyalists know what’s up:

“no one could ever take the place of belle delphine.”

The Gamer Girl Bath Water as cure to Coronavirus

Fans are jokingly making conspiracy theories about Delphine’s iconic Gamer girl Bath water as the cure to COVID-19.

There’s no way of telling at the moment, though.

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