Belle Delphine is back, and still fascinatingly weird as ever!

The internet’s favorite gamer girl is back!

Belle Delphine surprised her fans as she announced her sudden return to the online world.

On a tweet dated Nov 4, the internet star says:

Hello internet. good to be back <3
here is video I made uwu~

Attached is a link of her Youtube video with the thumbnail caption “Don’t watch this.”

As if Belle’s fans can deprive themselves of the content they’ve been waiting for!

The video entitled “How to become Belle Delphine” stars Belle (dressed in a baby pink doctor attire) and her skeleton buddy named Mr. Skeleton.

She narrates the steps on how to become “her” in a sort-of ritual. She begins by stabbing open a cold chicken, and stuffing it with a religious relic since “you must always keep a little space for God in your heart.”

She also came up with a chant:

Equal heart in my chest, please make me feel my best

Belle also featured her iconic bathwater product, otherwise “she’ll become irrelevant really quickly.” She’s also captured to take a sip of the said bathwater.

The video is a series of bizarre yet incredibly alluring steps where she makes use of razor blades, glitter glue, colorful sequins, a hammer, sausages, safety pins, a lollipop, a can of spam, a plate of pastries, and a toy stethoscope. Fans might want to check it out to find out what other wickedness Belle Delphine came up with.

The gamer girl also stated some relatable quotes in the footage which a lot of fans resonated with:

Sticks and stones will break your bones, but words will hurt much more.
If you have identity problems like me, you can just wear cat ears so instead of responding to problems, you can just meow.
I sexually identify myself as a mistake.

Belle Delphine broke the internet for selling her Gamer Girl bathwater priced at $30 a jar earlier this year. She jumped on the β€œgamer girl” hype and evidently made a business out of the fetishized trend.

However, despite establishing her status as an online sensation, she has been on a month-long social media hiatus.

Her IG account has been deleted, on the grounds of “violating” community guidelines. The (now-defunct) Instagram account garnered over 3.9 million followers.

Her last headlines was way back in early October, where she made headlines for posting a photo of her mugshot and claiming she got arrested.

Turns out, she got detained for vandalism. A girl allegedly stole her pet hamster during a house party and thus she spray painted her car in retaliation and got arrested for it.

It’s all good though, according to the cosplay starlet. At least she got her beloved hamster back.

Fans are expressing their glee over Belle’s return to social media:

“The return of the Queen”
“You have returned to us πŸ™ŒπŸ‘‘πŸ’ž”
“welcome back, internet queen πŸ˜‡”

Everyone seems to be in agreement: it’s good to see everyone’s favorite gamer girl back online!

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