Dr Disrespect issues apology for calling mobile fans “not real gamers”

Mobile gaming has long since been the scrutiny of elitist gamers on PC and console, who don’t consider the device “worthy” enough to be gamed on.

However, the recent spike of mobile titles and international tournaments just goes on to prove that mobile gaming is indeed on the rise— and will continue to do so.

With that in mind, popular streamer DrDisrespect recently apologized for calling his mobile audience “not real gamers” back in 2019.

The two-time claims anyone who plays games on mobile phones aren’t worthy enough to be called real gamers.

Signature personality

This isn’t anything new for the Doc, though. He has successfully built a name for himself on barbed comments and poking fun at other streamers (such as TimTheTatman and Shroud).

His sharp call-out comments on the gaming industry are also considered normal among his fans.

More recently, he called out the gaming scene’s “repetitive” marketing efforts shortly after Apex Legends released its Season 6 trailer.

An apology?

The ex-Twitch star recently took back one of his controversial takes during his August 22 stream, after pairing up with Fnatic’s Tanmay ‘Sc0ut’ Singh— a professional PUBG Mobile player.

In case you missed it, Dr Disrespect made headlines back in 2019 for saying:

“Mobile gamers aren’t real gamers.”

Fast forward to today, the pair were enjoying a series of duo-queue matches on Warzone before his Champions Club brought up the subject of his 14-month old tweet.

Seemingly a little sheepish about his comment from over a year ago, the Doc apologized to Fnatic’s mobile star soon after.

“Not sure if you ever saw my tweet…”

“I just want to get ahead of the controversy about me saying that mobile gamers aren’t real gamers. It was a spur of the moment thing. I just want to make sure that I get ahead of it.”

Meanwhile, the mobile gamer doesn’t seem to be phased by the Two-Time’s statement. He also didn’t confirm if he saw the controversial tweet.

Sc0ut even replied the tweet was “completely fine.”

Keeping true to Dr Disrespect well-known online persona, it didn’t take long for him to soon cast a small shadow of doubt over whether he actually had changed his mind on mobile gaming.

One fan went to ask: “Are you sorry?”

To which the YouTube streamer answered something that seemed to totally go against his earlier apology:

“Sorry for what? I don’t apologize.”

The Two-Time explained why handheld gaming never appealed to him though:

“The one thing that bothers me, with mobile, is I’m putting my thumbs on the screen. I’m taking up space… I’d rather have [them] on the side.”

Are you convinced DrDisrespect was genuinely sorry over his controversial tweet from over a year ago? Let us know in the comments!

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