Content Creator Spotlight: Froojo

There’s an intricate, noble art behind cosplaying. A cosplayer must have to meticulously plan their outfit down to the last button (or sew it themselves), design their desired backdrop or background, and pose as if they are breathing life into the character they pay homage to.

Fortunately, gone are the days cosplayers can only share their outfits on gaming conventions and anime expos. Online platforms like Instagram and Patreon make it easier for cosplayers to share their passion to fans around the world.

If you get into the wonderful world of cosplay, may it be in real life or in the online world, it’s important to check out new cosplayers and their craft!

For starters, get to know Froojo — a rising Patreon cosplay-content creator you should definitely watch out for. Froojo won first place on CTRL+ZED’s first-ever photo contest.

When did you start creating content and on which platform did you begin?

“I started on Instagram about four years ago. On Patreon, not long ago. So I’m really new to the platform myself. Hahaha! But I have fun with this.”

Why did you become a creator?

“I enjoy sharing my hobby with others. Finding the right setting for cosplay and presenting the character in such a way that people enjoy recognizing it”

Tell us more about what you create for your fans

“I breathe life into characters from games, comics or animes. And so I can present pictures in real life like the character would not be able to do otherwise. This is how you can possibly see your favourite character presented in “Life.”

For you, what do you think is the best part of being a creator?

“I think the fans are the best thing about being a creator. If I always get nice comments then it confirms that I am doing well.”

What are some hardships you’ve had to overcome?

“I find it difficult to sew things completely by myself or to build armor. I would like to do much more but also have to learn a lot. Hahaha!”

What behind scene magic takes place when you create?

“It starts with preparation from the costume and props. The wig needs styling. The right makeup for the right character has to be chosen. Then the setting has to be found and prepared. Posing is considered according to the character and then the postprocessing. The finishing touches with Lightroom and Photoshop.”

Got anything special planned for your channel soon?

“More and better photos will follow. xD 

I plan to take more authentic pictures outside my home town and cooperate with other cosplayers.”

Share with us a favorite mantra you live by when it comes to creating content!

“Oh I don’t really have a mantra. I just want that when people see my pictures they are happy and that I try to make it happen.”

Got any favorite creators you look up to?

“My favorite creators are my friends and colleagues. Many of them take such great pictures and many ideas I would never have come up with and this is exactly what pleases me the most.”

Message for aspiring creators like you?

“Have fun with what you do. There is always someone who likes your work and is happy that you post.”

To be able to share her love for cosplay to many fans across the globe is definitely a heartwarming feeling. From planning her costume to processing the images for final output, Froojo’s dedication to her craft is something we can all learn from!Don’t forget to check out her content on Patreon and give her a well-deserved sub.

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