Pokimane Teases Cryptic Announcement on Nov 22

Pokimane stirred the online community with a teasing announcement on Twitter.

The caption reads:
“đź‘€november 22nd”

Attached is a cryptic gif of a black screen PC monitor. The said tweet has over 900 retweets and 26K likes as of writing.

Fans were quick to speculate as to what this announcement could be.

Since Twitch has seen lots of big stars jumping ship to other platforms, it was only natural to guess if this was a foreshadowing of Pokimane’s transfer.

The most recent streamer to make the move from Twitch to Mixer was Soleil “Faze Ewok” Wheeler, following the likes of Ninja (Tyler Blevins), Shroud (Michael Grzesiek), and KingGothalion (Cory Michael).

Professional gamer and influencer Jack “CouRage” Dunlop also recently left Twitch to stream exclusively on Youtube.

Joining the speculation craze, fans took it to Twitter to deduce.

“Damn everyone leaving Twitch for youtube or Mixer”
“First thought: oh another mixer announcement
Second thought: “you….” oh she’s moving to youtube?
Third: “youtooz” oh mkay don’t really care”
“thought this was another mixer announcement ngl”

Seems like there’s one tiny detail fans missed!

On the PC monitor, the text reads:

“Poki x Youtooz
November 22

Youtooz offers collectibles of the internet’s greatest stars, from TSM’s Daequan to Lachlan.

On Nov 28, Youtooz and MrBeast will also join forces for the all new limited edition MrBeast ‘Human ATM’ collectible.

The idea of a Pokimane collector’s item seems to attract a lot of interested buyers. Just in time for the holidays, some Pokimane fans are already adding it on their wish lists:

“Ok now I gotta get me a youtooz like bruh pokimane youtooz is going on the shelf still in the box”
“I want the pokimane youtooz for Christmas because how else am I finna afford it????”

Fans may expect a Pokimane limited edition collectible on the 22nd, and everyone’s clearly excited about this collaboration!

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