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As a nod to Riot Game’s 10th anniversary, this megalomaniac game developer braced itself and its beloved gamers for a one-of-a-kind experience that gravitated its community to love League of Legends (LoL) more.

Speaking of those projects, one of which is named Project A. As a preview and to heighten its anticipation, Riot Games released a preview-trailer that ultimately swayed from LoL’s gameplay. Project A, as Riot Games would have identified it is the first-ever “First Person Shooter” being developed under the corporation.

Alongside Project A, other arsenals are on its way, such as the LoL mobile (Wild Rift), a card game called Legends of Runeterra, the mobile version of Teamfight Tactics, and more. As the world prepares itself for Project A, now known as Valorant, we’re going to dig deeper into this Riot’s milestone of a game.

Gameplay: Best of Both Worlds

Steam’s Counter-Strike has been the benchmark for FPS games ever since the dawn of online games. If you’re a fan of the thrilling and man-hunting adrenaline rush of FPS games and can’t get enough of the League of Legends’s ability pooling, then Valorant is one to watch.

Overwatch, on the other hand, is an imaginative yet creatively ambitious FPS game that merges abilities and champion varieties to win. However, unlike the mentioned game, Valorant doesn’t allow you to switch champs.

So, what does Valorant gameplay look like? In a nutshell, you form a team of five various champs with complementing abilities. Then, you utilize those abilities to eliminate the competing group while you go out to defuse a bomb.

In a statement, Riot said that “Valorant is a game for bold strategists who dare to make the unexpected play, because if it wins, it works,” reads the official copy on the game’s website. Riot notes that the game will run at least 30 FPS on minimum specification PCs and up to 144 FPS on gaming rigs, meaning that it’s highly accessible across the board.”

To get a more visual feat of the gameplay, Riot released a trailer for Valorant. As we would describe it, the gameplay is downright impressive and unpredictable. It motivates the player to be creative and quick when it comes to responding to enemy actions. You’ll need to purchase items first before going into battle and planning with tactical strategies. The trailer was filled with explosive abilities, some that we have never seen while others have similarities with Overwatch.

You can witness Valorant champs, otherwise known as Agents use abilities like having an area filled with poisonous smoke as a defensive wall, riddling enemies with bows and arrows, throwing knives as a skill shot aside from having a weapon of choice.

Furthermore, game rounds are swift, brutal, and ever-changing. One small mistake and the other team can crush you to elimination. In Valorant, the bomb is identified as “The Spike.” As per the trailers suggest, it is some sort of a hacking mechanism or tool.

When it comes to gunplay and weaponry, Riot is determined to make it precise, accurate, and real-life-like. The team of developers spared no expense of making this game swift, correct, and excellent. A player must optimize tools and weaponry because killing an enemy happens in a blink of an eye.

As per the futuristic and shoot-to-kill UI (User Interface), it displays the rotating map, abilities, kills count, arsenal, charge rates, and items you purchased. If you have been killed, a damage count is displayed with the percentage of damage coming from various enemies or specific ones and where did the damage originate.

When it comes to playable rewards and boxes, Riot confirmed that players could either purchase or receive battle passes and customizable weapon cosmetics like paint sprays. But, Riot emphasized that there won’t be loot boxes.

Addressing Toxicity: Anti-Cheat

Riot didn’t take the anti-cheat mechanisms lightly for Valorant and has admitted being stressing (more like, obsessing) over net code and protective measures against hackers and cheaters. True to Riot Games fashion, listening to the community about gameplay feedbacks, bugs, and the unfortunate experience some players are forced into became a powerful motivator for this strategic move.

For those who can offer valuable information or great details about these cheaters and hackers, Riot is offering large amounts of money as a reward. The reward ranges from $25,000 – $100,000.

Of course, the details presented by a player will be subject to Riot’s valuation of practicality and impact on the game. Riot Games would like Valorant to focus on fairness at all costs. This shall extend to its gameplay, which pays homage to skill and strategy alone.

Release Date: Closed Beta Access

The people of the internet initially leaked the start date for the closed beta. Such leakage motivated Riot Games to unveil the beginning of the closed beta officially. In a tweet, Valorant revealed that the live servers for NA and EU regions would begin on April 7. There was also a link provided in the tweet on how aspiring gamers can sign up for beta access.

If you’re a hopeful (like many of us are) and want to experience Valorant firsthand, you can follow these steps for a higher chance of closed beta drops. As the Valorant disclosed in a statement, “drops happen at all times but only for players located at Canada, Europe, Turkey, Russia, United States, and CIS countries.”

The statement also emphasized that drops happen even when you’re offline. For a more detailed guide, here’s how to increase your drop chances.

  • Log-in to your Riot account and your Twitch account.
  • Link your active Riot account to the Twitch account you’ll use for viewing.
  • Watch Valorant stream for a minimum of two hours a day (amount of threshold)
  • If you’re an avid streamer that watches Valorant since day one of closed beta access and is thriving for more than two hours a day, you have more chances of getting drops.

If you’re wondering why Riot Games hasn’t officially released the game yet for the public, they only have this to say. “We are still in the active process of rolling out server infrastructure around the world-including more in the EU, and NA-and close beta is doing a great job of telling us where we need to be.”

Getting to Know Valorant’s Champs: The Agents

The Valorant gameplay is immersive and exciting (even for a couch potato noob). As the streams would portray, five agents are unlocked when you start playing the game during the closed beta access. When you continue to play, you gain experience, and as soon as you reach level five, you’ll get an agent to unlock.

Continuing to progress further on the game, once a player reaches level ten, another agent unlock is received. The remaining agents that aren’t unlocked can be obtained by completing contracts (otherwise known as missions) or buy them through in-game purchases.

If you want to get to know the agents and their tactical advantages, here’s a quick profile of five (yes, five agents while the others we intend for you to discover by yourself) Valorant agents.

  • Jett – If you need someone in your team that can surprise your opponents by flanking them and getting around the map swiftly, Jett is the one to recruit.
  • Brimstone – Can’t seem to corner the enemies in a tight spot for a massacre? Why not utilize Brimstone’s aerial assaults and grenades to bring opponents in a chokepoint?
  • Sage – Having a teammate that provides utility, heals, and barriers are essential for a winning strategy. If you opt to play with this in mind, have Sage by your side.
  • Phoenix – Like the mystical flames of resurrection, Phoenix can be brought to life by his flames. Having Phoenix by your side is perfect for a corner face-check.
  • Breach – Is that an enemy hiding behind the wall? If it is, Breach got your back for a sure takedown! With his fusion charges and seismic blasts, every opponent is bound to be dazed and confused.

Are you excited to use them all in a fight or master one for a professional kill? If you want to know more about the remaining agents, stay tuned and wait for CTRL+ZED’s comprehensive look.

Breaking Viewership Records: All-Time Best

In a surprising move, the closed beta Valorant streams broke Twitch viewership records. As recorded on April 8, 2020, Valorant garnered 1.7 million viewers and broke the record for “single-day hours watched.”

If this doesn’t hype gamers like me to wait for Riot’s official release of the game, we don’t know what will! This ability-riddled, FPS from Riot Games, simply hits the mark when it comes to borderline exciting and challenging.

As per Riot’s estimate, Valorant is bound to grace the world by the summer of 2020. Valorant is just one of the many explosive games. Riot promised to release it as a part of their 10th anniversary.

PC System Specs for Valorant: Min and Max Requirements

For those who don’t have the titan-kind of gaming PC but still want to experience Valorant, here are the minimum PC requirements for “potato” gaming (30 FPS – 60 FPS).

  • CPU: Intel i3-370M or AMD Equivalent
  • RAM: 4GB
  • GPU: Intel HD 3000 (1GB VRAM)

For individuals who want to experience and see the crispness of Valorant at 144 FPS, here are the PC requirements.

  • CPU: Intel i5-4460 3.2 Ghz or AMD Equivalent
  • RAM: 4GB
  • GPU: Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti (1GB VRAM)

Riot Games is unquestionably upping the level-field of gaming, and it’s making the community anticipate further when it comes to explosive shenanigans. Aside from the closed beta access of Valorant, the mobile version of Teamfight Tactics and Legends of Runeterra has become a reality. As hard-core gamers, this is something we’re looking forward to discovering at CTRL+ZED.

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