Riot makes Valorant Act 3 battle pass easier to finish

With so many players calling out how tedious it is to complete Valorant’s previous battle pass, it seems like Riot heeded to community calls this time.

For Act 3’s pass, the devs made quite the easiest one to complete with improved missions and at a longer time frame to complete. Quite a grind no more!

50 new tiers

With the debut of a new Act comes a new battle pass for Valorant players. There’s 50 new tiers for the player base to grind out, complete with various in-game rewards regardless of whether a player decides to buy the premium or not.

Previously, many players took it to social media to express their frustration about the time needed to complete the previous Valorant battle passes.

User Sentokoo on Reddit penned a detailed post explaining why the game’s Battle Pass seems so much of a grind.

“Too much emphasis is put on daily / weekly missions to gain exp. About half of the exp needed to complete your Battlepass comes from missions.”

Players that finish the daily missions will get about 4,000 exp, combined with 7 days a week for approximately 10 weeks— players will get 280,000 exp.

With the addition of weekly missions, the total exp is roughly around 630,000 exp which is only around 45% of the total 1,372,000 exp required to hit rank 50 for the previous Act II Battlepass.

Unlike the BP in other titles, Valorant’s take pushes players to complete daily missions if they want to unlock all the tiers. This can be a burden to those who are working or studying full-time, with little time to spare on the 5v5 FPS tactical shooter.

As a result, players must be devoted to the Daily and Weekly missions for two months, or else they’re less likely to hit that Tier 50 Melee skin.

Improved battle pass

As a way of listening to the community, Riot designed to improve the battle pass feature for Act 3. For one, the pass duration has been increased from two months to three, and a couple of missions that were too hard to complete were removed.

Valorant Developer NoPlantsDance explained on Reddit:

“It should be [easier to complete]… We lowered a bunch of the weekly mission completion requirements and deleted a few of the worst offenders completely.”

“Between those changes and the extra time, getting further into the pass should feel more comfortable.”

Reversed claim

However, a previous claim about bonus XP during the battle pass launch has been officially reversed by Riot.

The devs initially said that there will be bonuses on offer, though they didn’t go much into detail. Players shouldn’t need the bonus as much though given the new changes.

“Sorry, misspoke—there’s no bonus XP in the Act III Battlepass. BUT (!) you’ll find this Battlepass much easier to finish. The timeframe is extended, there are lower total game requirements, and weekly missions have been rebalanced for a smoother climb.”

It would take players less games to hit Tier 50.

While the exact number and the math behind isn’t going viral in the community yet, players can expect a reduction on the 100 hours of content based from the first two battle passes.

The Act 3 battle pass features plenty of skin cosmetics, gun buddies, player cards, and more on offer. Are you planning to buy this new act’s BP?

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