Pokimane left visibly upset after Among Us dispute with xQc

Twitch superstar Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys didn’t shy away from expressing her frustration while playing Among Us with fellow streamer Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel.

It came to a point where Pokimane questioned how enjoyable the latter’s lobbies really are.

What is Among Us?

The premise of Among Us goes like this: each player starts as a harmless crewmate on the spaceship, but one is an impostor (or 2-3, depending on the room settings) whose main goal is to kill everyone else and sabotage the ship before getting discovered.

The rest of the crewmates must not only determine who the impostor is. They must all work hand in hand, finish their tasks and objectives in order to win.

Among Us is a hyped online and local party game, filled with teamwork and betrayal for 4-10 players. It’s no secret how the game is currently enjoying success on Twitch, where streamers have used the game as a way to collaborate with each other.

It is to thank for some of the most hilarious content we’ve seen on Twitch lately. But not everyone seems to enjoy every Among Us match they’re part of.

Pokimane, in particular, is known to play the game lately together with her OfflineTV friends. But when playing with xQc, she says they’re “not the most enjoyable” as she’s visibly annoyed with how the matches unfold.

It doesn’t seem like Poki is a big fan of the way how xQc handles his Among Us lobbies.

Not enjoyable?

During one match where Pokimane was an impostor, the rest of the group was discussing what they did and where they were during the first round — which is considered as the normal procedure in Among Us.

But not long after, Poki suddenly found herself with accusations thrown her way in the last few seconds.

She wasn’t given enough time to make her plea against xQc’s accusations, thus getting immediately reported off & ejected. The way things went, which was rather unfair, made Poki frustrated.

“That was such a last-second Andy sh*t and of course, if it’s xQc, we must all listen.”

“Literally, imagine we have three seconds to plead your case and then just boom you’re dead. Not going to lie, that makes the lobby not the most enjoyable.”

Pokimane didn’t hold back her frustration at all. It’s understandable why the Twitch star got annoyed with what just happened, especially with little to no time left on the voting countdown.

It appears unfair for her to get eliminated without having any chance to reason out or defend herself.

For the majority of the countdown, xQc  was taking control of the game’s chat— which probably pushed Pokimane to specifically call him out in her comments after the elimination.

However, that seems to be a part of Among Us’ appeal. Players become creative in the ways they manipulate the communications than the actual truth itself.

Maybe Pokimane can use that tactic to her advantage when playing the online multiplayer social deduction game soon, though it’s unlikely that fans will get to see her pull it off in xQc’s lobbies.

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