Riot confirms a fix for VALORANT failed login attempts is on the way

Are you experiencing failed login issues on Valorant?

Some Valorant players who are dealing with failed login attempts may have to wait for a little longer as Riot confirms a fix is on the way.

Sorry for those eager to join a match but can’t join the game! Don’t rage just yet, Riot already greenlighted a fix coming your way.

Working on a fix

Riot Games confirmed that it’s currently working on a fix for an in-game issue preventing players from logging into VALORANT, according to the company’s Service Status page.

“We’re aware of a problem causing login attempts to fail and are working on a fix.”

Some players took it to Twitter to express their login-related issues:

“literally restarted 3 diff times with diff fixes everytime thinking it was on my end lol”

“I’ve been trying everything to solve this thinking I was the problem, even reinstalled the game. An earlier notice would have been useful”

“Really thought it was just me, I’m out here checking if all my drivers are updated, restarting my internet and pc I was raging”

“I was about to login. I got furious because I am unable to do, lol. Almost broke my laptop.”

Joe Ziegler, Game director, cited a “platform outage” as the problem which appears to be currently affecting multiple Riot titles.

“There is a platform outage currently affecting multiple Riot games, including VALORANT. Many players will be unable to log into the game. We’re working on it diligently to get it back up and running.”

Affected regions

The notorious login issues appear to only be affecting the regions of North America, Latin America, and Brazil according to Valorant Service Status.

In a related case, League of Legends players might be able to seamlessly jump into the client but the popular MOBA itself is having chat issues and difficulty loading the friends list.

When will the issue be resolved?

As of writing, it remains unclear when Riot will implement the fix in the game.

However, given that the devs have confirmed they are currently working on the matter, players can expect a hotfix soon.

Interested players can check VALORANT’s Service Status page for timely updates on the problem.

This is not the only in-game issue on Valorant, as more bugs and glitches have been reported over the past weeks.

Shortly after Patch 1.06, players have reported problems such as the notorious first bullet inaccuracy, Phoenix’s curveball bug, and an apparent “Wallhack” turret exploit on the new agent Killjoy.

If you’re one of the players plagued by bizarre in-game bugs, don’t forget to submit a proof (video/image) and a short, detailed explanation on the official Valorant subreddit to let the game’s developers know.

The Valorant 1.06 Bug Megathread on the Valorant subreddit contains other in-game issues faced by players after the recent update.

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