Here’s Why Twitch Streamer B0aty Turned Down a $20k Sponsorship Deal

Twitch streamer b0aty shocked his chat in a decision to turn down a sponsorship deal amounting to $20,000.

Adam ‘B0aty’ Lyne, considered as one of the platform’s top RuneScape streamers, said he had to turn down the offer for “ethical” reasons.

Sponsorship deals

Many streamers rely on sponsorship deals to make ends meet.

Famous influencers are known to partner with different brands. If you want to figure out if you’ve made it as a big-time streamer, start by counting the number of partnerships and deals offered to you.

But as it turns out, not all of these offers are worth committing to (although it’s very tempting at an easy $20k.)

Sharing his thoughts

In a RuneScape recent stream, B0aty shared his opinion on another creator- saying that they were the kind to take any sponsorship deal thrown their way.

This includes offers that may be harmful to his audience.

To further explain his point, the Twitch streamer highlighted a recent experience of declining an easy $20k sponsorship offer.

“A sponsor DM’d me last night and their offer was: 45 minutes a week (for two weeks)… $20,000. “

Initially withholding any detail on the sponsorship, he later on revealed the deal required him to “play blackjack and roulette, which means that it is a decline,” during 1.5 hours of his stream time.

B0aty further explained why he had to decline the offer:

“Because gambling addiction is a real thing. I get s**t rich, but then I can ruin a lot of my viewers lives, and that’s on my conscious forever.”

His strong-willed statement garnered mad respect from his chat.

Rules of streaming

B0aty’s rules of streaming were simple. For one, he explicitly would never partner with a “house odds” sponsor, but he would consider poker deals.

“You lose all of your money playing poker – you’re a shit poker player. You lose all of your money playing blackjack – you’re supposed to. Think about that.”

A good soul

It’s common to see creators hop on any chance to get involved with bandwagon sponsorships, considering how easy it is to pretend you take joy in the product.

However, it’s an entirely different subject if you end up having to promote rigged gambling to an audience which largely consists of minors.

Fortunately, b0aty is one of those “good soul” streamers in the industry who actually showed a strong moral compass.

For $20,000? It would be easy to get caught up in the offer.

The case of YouTubers

One infamous case related to what b0aty was against involved YouTubers Jake Paul and RiceGum.

They were heavily criticized for accepting large offers to promote rigged gambling equivalents to their young viewers in 2019.

The pair was featured on sponsored videos where they spent money on “loot boxes.” They were seen clicking on online treasure chests where they end up winning real-life objects like the AirPods and $1,000 worth trainers.

Even Pewdiepie was against the notion of promoting such content to their audience, which largely consisted of minors.

“They both have considerably young fans, and promoting a gambling website in general just seems like a bad idea for these people to do. And they obviously don’t care.”

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