How to Find a Gamer Girl

How to Find a Gamer Girl

Gamer girls are not mythical creatures.

Yes, they exist on various online gaming communities and they’re just like everyone else when it comes to proclaiming that gaming is one of their biggest passions in life. There are hundreds to thousands of real-life gamer girls on the internet, so how do you approach seeking one?

Let’s get down to business!

Tips to Find a Gamer Girl

  • Jump on a popular game

Chances are, girl gamers frequent titular games especially if they are streaming their gameplays. Try out mainstream games to see if you can bump into one in your matches.

The most common ways to prove one’s a gamer girl is if they have their mic on to confirm it themselves or if they have a female gamertag. If you do find one, do us a favor and don’t be a jerk. Female gamers are often subjected to bullying and harassment — so as a true gamer, try to make the game a safer place for them.

  • Join active guilds

Joining or playing with guilds that have girl members can also be a way to meet new connections. If you do manage to join a community, try not to be creepy. You wouldn’t want to be known as the gamer who joined the group just because you’re actively seeking out gamer girl connections.

First off, what you need to do is to build a solid foundation for a friendship before adding them as friends on the platform. This is one fool-proof way if you want to game with girls in the long-run.

  • Be active on social networking sites and forums

Join social networking sites for gaming such as Discord, Reddit, or Gametree. These platforms allow you to find gamer friends and discover new games in the process. Some gamer girls may be active on these sites — and you may even invite them to play a game or two with you.

Connect with some of the best people you may ever meet who are also playing the same games and share wonderful moments together in every match. After all, it’s what gaming is for.

  • Use a gender filter

Perhaps the easiest way to browse girls who stream their gameplays is through applying a “gender” filter to sort out the streams on your chosen platform. On a stream filter tool, it looks like this.

This may require a bit of effort and technical knowledge on your part, but it’s one fool-proof way to meet streamer girls. From watching their live streams, you may even end up joining a game or two with them.

  • Browse through streams!

These past few months, female streamers have been wearing tank tops (a phenomenon rightfully branded as the gamer girl meta). Eventually, this has raised issues about girl streamers wearing rather revealing clothes to raise and attract more viewers.

We don’t really know what’s the reason behind this, either to attract thirsty male viewers or they’re simply just comfortable wearing it at the premises of their homes. Regardless, one way to spot a girl gamer is through their outfit or the way they present themselves.

  • Watch out for collabs

Strong independent woman? Maybe yes, but not in streaming. Nowadays, it’s not a surprise to see your favorite male gamer collaborate with a female streamer. For instance, Fortnite duos featuring gamers of the opposite sex are becoming more common by the day regardless of which streaming platform you are a part of.

Don’t think too hard about it though, collaborating is only normal in the industry. It is a wise move considering the attention it entails, plus it’s also one way to spot a girl gamer.

  • Take note of some unique yet bizarre merch

Gamer girl Belle Delphine broke the internet earlier this year for announcing that her used bathwater is being sold separately in neat jars. This gamer girl revolution even went on to inspire other female streamers, such as Kaceytron who playfully took a page off Delphine’s book.

We’re not saying every gamer girl online is out to sell the most bizarre merch. Some gamer girls just know how to work the spotlight on them, so take note of bizarre merch items that they offer! These may be limited edition body pillows or action figure/collectibles.

In fact, Pokimane has released a time-limited collectible described as “thicc” and “curvy” enough that it’s selling like hotcakes.

Why watch or look for girl gamers?

Perhaps you may ask yourself, is there anything in particular that makes it important for me to meet new girl gamers? We’re here to tell you yes, there is.

Although the idea of “seeking out girl gamers” is often clouded in negative connotation, it’s never wrong to be friendly and meet new friends even of the opposite sex.

The idea may be intimidating to some but girl gamers can just be as great as their male counterparts! May it be on strategic Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games or first-person shooting battle royale games, you can expect to see girls playing these games like a pro.

One reason to find new girl gamers is because you can lowkey ship them with your favorite male streamer, especially if both parties are single! If they play a similar game, they can even pair up and play in duo matches. If you’re lucky enough, they might grant your request for an anticipated collaboration.

Another reason would be that if you’re a guy who’s into games, having a crush on a girl streamer is all the reason you need to become a loyal fan. Be aware of her schedules, and support her constantly! Make a good impression and work your way to the point that she knows you.

If you’re a girl, you can also watch girl streamers to learn or get inspired to start streaming your favorite games. Girl gamers are on the rise nowadays. You can see a lot of female streamers across major platforms like Twitch and Mixer, playing male-dominated games and having scorestreak records like male gamers.

How to approach Gamer Girls

So you’ve found a gamer girl who coincidentally plays the same games as you do. Now what?

If you happen to meet a girl who plays the same games as you, then having something in common is great! However, don’t be a creeper. Don’t send her unsolicited pictures and don’t harass her if she’s not interested. The key here is to be a good friend and treat her as one of the guys.

Don’t be like thirsty gamer boys who are keen on adding all the gamer girls they spot. Just be cool and polite, and play those games with her. Always keep in mind that gamer girls are still girls. They are ought to be respected just like your male gamer friends.

Don’t discriminate gamers based on their genders

As we’ve previously mentioned, gamer girls are often the subject of online harassment and bullying. Many other players tend to throw the match if they know they have a female player in their team, believing the said girl would just be of no use the entire time.

Others may harbor ill-feelings for female gamers because they can’t seem to believe there would be girls who are into the same stuff as they do. In some cases, they might even tell the girl they are only faking their supposed “love for gaming” just so they can be popular with the gamer crowd.

Some girl gamers were vocal with the harassment they found online. One went on to say that when they were found out to be a girl, someone whom she thought was an in-game friend stalked her for months and found all of her social media. Basically, he wouldn’t leave her alone.

Another one was bombarded with in-game messages asking how she looks like, what her body measurements are, and other sexually explicit comments and questions. Being verbally harassed in-game can turn out to be someone’s worst online experience. A female gamer was quickly accused of being the reason that the team lost. She was said to haven’t done anything right, despite trying her best and having good stats.

Thankfully, most games have the option to mute, block, or report players. But, to remain true to what gaming is for, we must all keep games as a safe space for female players who just want to enjoy their time playing.


Gaming is a hobby like so many other things, and plenty of girls are out there with that same hobby. Just like other guys, women rarely wear their hobbies on their sleeves. They do not want to be judged or hit on merely because of their passion.

Then again, there’s no secret when it comes to finding a gamer girl. There’s no foolproof method so it’s all up to you. Most likely, you can find some gamer girls on the games you play or maybe you can find real-life connections who play similar games.

Either way, just be yourself. Be friends with new people, and enjoy your time playing!

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