Pewdiepie drops time-limited collectible figure

Heads up, Pewdiepie fans!

Felix “Pewdiepie” Kjellberg released his Pewdiepie 100 Million Club Figure on October 20.

In an ecstatic tweet by the Youtube icon, he says:

Attached is a link to the site where his fans could score a collectible figure for themselves.

This new launch couldn’t have dropped in the best timing, as Pewds celebrated his 30th birthday on October 24.

What better way for his fans to show their appreciation and support to their favorite Youtuber?

In a way, the release enables Pewds to thank all his fans for being one-of-a-kind.
Each of Pewdiepie’s subscribers is one of a kind, and this figure is designed to show that; uniquely numbered out of 100,000,000 to symbolise your place in the 9 year old army.

A description of the time-limited product was posted on the site:

For the first time ever and for a very limited time, this awesome Pewdiepie figure can be yours! Designed by Felix, this is a celebration of over 100 million 9 year olds, gamers and bros. Don’t miss out on owning a piece of monumental meme history.

Screengrab from official site

It is priced at 29.99 USD a piece.

The item is said to be at 7 inches long (with stand), and it has removable parts: headphones, sunglasses, trident, and legs.

Shipping starts early 2020.

Fans were quick to express their anticipation and excitement for the collectible figure.

One fan replied to Pewdiepie’s tweet saying:

“Hold up… “Removable legs”??? Does this figure have some kind of magnetic levitation witchcraft going on or how is that gonna work? 😮

Either way, instant purchase from me.”

Another fan expressed the same heartfelt sentiment in a different comment:

I don’t usually buy stuff just because I don’t make a lot of money, but I had to get one of these. Been a fan since you were filming in your home in Sweden and so very happy for how far you’ve succeeded. Proud to be a fan! You’ve really worked hard over the years.

It’s apparent how Pewdiepie has reached the status of global influence, racking up 101 Million subscribers on his Youtube channel.

Felix himself dropped a comment on the product:

It’s the cutest thing I’ve seen in my entire life.

Jokes on him, thousands of his followers would beg to differ as he’s the cutest being to exist on the internet. Yes, it’s true, Pewdiepie is well-loved by his following.

Check out this time-limited release at the official website:

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