The case of Mitch Jones: What does it take for a streamer to be suspended from Twitch?

As streamer Mitch “MitchJones” Jones was unbanned from Twitch after a suspension, it turns out he also lost his partner status with the platform.

He has been a Twitch streamer for 8 years now, ending up to be one of the most popular IRL streamers as he garnered over 415,000 followers.

However, his Twitch stardom came with a couple of piling controversies. Jones was suspended for reading his chat while driving, and recently, he’s also been called out for showing a racist direct message during a live.

In addition, his future on the platform is a big question mark after losing his important platform status.

With his most recent suspension lifted last October 21, many fans flocked to his channel to check if he’d make an official return announcement.

It was only then when they realized something was missing: Jones’ sub button was removed, which only means his Twitch partnership had been revoked for some reason.

The streamer confirmed how he was unable to put the chat into a subscriber-only mode, and he wouldn’t be streaming during his regular hours on Oct 21.

He also didn’t give any clarification if he’ll be able to stream in the following days.

Generally, Twitch does not provide any comment on individual suspensions or situations with partners. This led to some viewers theorizing that it’s because Jones had been banned so soon after a previous suspension.

Whatever the reason, it seems like red flags all over isn’t a good sign if you want to be a long-term Twitch streamer.

The Twitch star took it to Twitter to express his thoughts over the matter.


Another streamer, Amouranth, was banned in September after an explicit shot of her genitals was caught on-camera during a live broadcast.

The Twitch streamer has earned a reputation for provocative and suggestive dressing.

As to whether it was a mere accident or a purposeful stunt, Twitch had to do the right thing and implement their community guidelines.

Jones losing his Twitch partnership affects him greatly, as he cannot bring in new subscribers to his following. But, it’s not the end of the world for Mitch Jones.

Chances are, Twitch might reconsider their partnership or he can migrate over to other streaming platforms such as Youtube or Mixer.

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