Pewdiepie wants to fight a Youtuber to death?

In the midst of the KSI vs Logan Paul Youtuber boxing brawl, Pewdiepie took it to Twitter to express his interest into brawling with fellow content creators.

His recent tweet poses a striking, taunting question:

What youtubers should I fight to the death?

This question seemed to trigger a lot of confused and interested fans, along with fellow Youtubers who are up to a brawl with the iconic Minecraft star in the ring.

Joey Bizinger, a fellow Youtuber, playfully replied to Pewd’s taunts.

Come at me bitch

Another content creator, Jacksepticeye, also expressed his sentiments on the challenge:

Meet me on the sky block at dawn!

Youtuber Tom Harlock also accepts Pewdiepie’s challenge. Replying to his original tweet, he says:

I accept

Twitter erupted with a whole list of potential candidates for a match with Pewds. Some of the most notable suggestions include:

“Logan Paul”

Most notably, KSI and Logan Paul themselves were among the options for the world-renowned Swede to fight.

Pewdiepie made the intriguing tweet over the weekend of the KSI vs. Logan Paul boxing match.

It was a white-collar amateur boxing match between the British YouTuber Olajide “JJ” Olatunji (more known online as KSI) and American YouTuber Logan Paul.

Last year, the two fought in Manchester with the match resulting in a draw after six rounds.

With their combined 40 million followers on YouTube and a grudge that traces back to their majority draw amateur bout in 2018, the pair drew a huge crowd to the Staples Center in LA on Saturday.

They received main event status on DAZN before delivering a surprisingly entertaining affair.

As to who reigned as the champion?

KSI was declared the winner in the end by split decision in their six-round cruiserweight bout. Two of the judges scored it 57-54 and 56-55 for KSI while the third had it 56-55 for Paul.

The battle to crown the toughest internet personality saw the two YouTube sensations enter the ring under professional rules. The lengths these two social media sensations were ready to go to are considerably surprising, indeed.

Because of this unexpected hype, Youtubers might get an idea as to what content they should deliver next.

Felix “Pewdiepie” Kjellberg’s brash and over the top humor may just pave the way for his fans to see him on the ring with another Youtuber. Who knows?

Another boxing brawl might just be in line for fans across the world to see!

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