Twitch streamer Destiny banned after opening inappropriate image on stream

Another day, another Twitch ban — this time because of showing an “inappropriate” image while the camera was live.

Leading Twitch star Steven “Destiny” Bonnel revealed that his channel would be shortly banned after accidentally showing a nude picture during his broadcast.

One of the infamous disadvantages of streaming on Twitch is the abundance of trolls in the chat box. Turns out, Destiny is another streamer to fall victim to their tricks.

As a streamer, to interact with your audience means you are open to be trolled or accidentally clicking something inappropriate by mistake.

Even if unintentional, breaking the community guidelines can get you banned from the platform.

The streamer learned this lesson the hard way. He was browsing another Twitch partner’s Twitter page, before accidentally showing a nude image which landed him a suspension from the dominant streaming platform

This ban has been confirmed by the Twitter account “Twitch Partner Bans” on November 11, which automatically keeps track of more than 35,000 different Twitch Partners all around the globe.

The streamer opened up his thoughts to his viewers a day before the ban took effect. During his stream on November 9, he informed them that his account would later be getting a ban that same night.

I guess I don’t really care much, because technically I’m going out of town.

Calling it the “ultimate irony”, he continued:

But apparently I’m getting a 3-day suspension tonight.

The streamer also asked his chat to guess what he did to land a ban, before breaking into laughter as he read their wild and creative guesses.

Shortly after, he revealed that he had been banned for “accidentally” showing a nude picture of fellow Twitch partner ‘Alebrelle’ during a previous broadcast.

I’m actually so triggered. Because of the naked f*cking Alebrelle tweet that I opened!

In his defense, he said he browsed Twitter and read a “body positivity” tweet which to his surprise, contained a nude side shot of the streamer sitting at a piano.

Apparently this was enough for the platform to give him a three-day suspension notice shortly after.

While it hasn’t been fully explained why the streamer called it “ironic”, it is curious to note how Destiny and Alebrelle had bad blood in the past. The pair had a negative exchange when the latter made some harsh comments on the former’s personal life.

Looking at the brighter side of things, the suspension will only last for three days.

This should serve as a lesson to any streamer (and aspiring streamers) to be cautious at what they show their viewers during the broadcast.

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