Pokimane explains why someone tried to “fight” her at TwitchCon

Imane Anys, famously known as Pokimane in online communities, is among the top streamers on Twitch. She currently has over three million followers on her channel alone.

When it comes to female streamers on the platform, there is no one more popular than her. Pokimane’s variety of broadcasts include Just Chatting and playing Fortnite and League of Legends.

However, her internet stardom life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies.

Along with many other streamers and broadcasters, Pokimane was present in this year’s TwitchCon with a security guard in sight.

It may seem like a matter of general event security but there was another reason why she needed the presence of a professional bodyguard.

In the October 15 episode of the Misfits Podcast entitled “The Truth About Pokimane”, she revealed the story behind her obvious security companion in the event — because she received an online threat from a viewer.

According to the online star, one viewer threatened to fight her at the convention.

Plenty of haters and trolls lurk around these online personalities, and make serious or joking threats against streamers.

The beatdown and confrontation never ended up actually happening, much to her apparent dismay.

You know what? Oddly enough, someone last year was like: ‘Yo, I’ll fight you at TwitchCon,’ And he never did. … it was very weird. Anyways, that guy was a p**sy.

That incident alone wasn’t the only reason for her bodyguards. Whether personally hired or assigned to her by the event, the Twitch icon explained that security is necessary in the premises to avoid fire hazards.

Excited fans can become overwhelming crowds real quick, which may block important exits.

At cons, if you start taking pictures with fans, and then a line forms, and then a circle forms, and then that becomes a fire hazard… And then security comes, and they’re like, ‘You need to leave.’

Her fight challenger wasn’t Pokimane’s only uncomfortable experience prompting TwitchCon security.

Although not elaborating more about the incident, she also mentioned how her bodyguard had to throw someone out during TwitchCon 2019.

I feel kinda bad, but there was like one dude that we had to… sometimes, you still have to escort out.

Top online personalities have to take drastic measures to ensure their own safety, especially when they’re in a public event.

Dealing and receiving online threats or overzealous fans are never comfortable experiences — here’s to hoping Pokimane still managed to enjoy the TwitchCon event without further drama.

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