Pokimane faces backlash after attacking sponsor of anti “simp” YouTuber

Cancel culture is prevalent nowadays, and no one is exempted… not even your favorite gamer girl.

For instance, Twitch icon Pokimane faced backlash from her fellow content creators after she attacked the sponsor of YouTuber ‘It’sAGundam’.

It’sAGundam is known to be an “Anti-simp” icon for recently uploading a video criticizing the online phenomenon of “simps.”

First, what’s a simp?

If you’re a guy who’s acting “severely” nice to a woman online because you want to get closer to her in an intimate way, you are eligible to be branded as a Simp. That’s pretty much it.

Simps tend to overvalue online girls and do or say things they don’t necessarily agree with, just because they believe a woman would want them to.

Some guys also choose to become ‘Simps’ to garner the attention of their favorite girl streamers.

An anti-simp icon

YouTuber It’sAGundam recently garnered online attention for his May 13 video criticizing simps titled “Simp willingly goes homeless for Pokimane.”

The upload features comments and tweets about donating large amounts of money to the Twitch star.

In particular, he called out a Pokimane fan who donated $1k to the streamer, despite being months behind on rent.

Pokimane talks back

On May 16, Pokimane watched the particular video on her stream and called out both It’sAGundam and his sponsor, Ridge Wallet.

“I can’t believe anyone would sponsor these shenanigans… Like what?”

“And I will say, for this company to sponsor a video that’s literally 20 minutes of talking sh*t about me… You will never see… if you ever reach out to me, if I ever see you in my inbox.”

Fuming over the video, Poki then crossed her arms and formed an X, before stating “on sight.” This suggests she’d instantly ignore the company if they ever reach out.

She further mocked the video’s content:

“Like, no company should do that just about ever. ‘Oh, is this a video where some random dude behind a VR machine calls a girl a th*t for twenty minutes? Really want to put my logo on that one!’”

Community backlash

Since her strong-willed and borderline harsh comments, Pokimane has been called out by her fellow content creators such as Josh Pescatore.

“The video is comedic and satirical, but it offended Poki so much that she calls out the sponsor of the video.”

“I am all for creators talking sh*t on other creators, but why go after advertisers?”

Pescatore claims it was “lame” for a millionaire like Poki to attack a small YouTuber’s sponsor given recent events.

Another creator, Bowblax, took it to Twitter to speak up on the matter:

“Pokimane will never learn. Her ego is too strong”

In case you missed it, he also had copyright-related issues with Pokimane.

Some users also shared similar sentiments with the creators, who disapprove of Pokimane’s “toxic” retaliation:

“Did Poki not understand this satire? She seemed like she was offended lol”

“This video doesn’t even leave a dent onto Pokimanes’ income, and yet she took it personally to protect her simps by giving them “justice” on this “attack” and mass dislike this video and contacting Gundams’ sponsor. Sad, honestly.”

“Pokimane wanted people to leave feedback here so: this video is good. Everyone is available to criticism. Especially fakes playing uwu innocent girl who can’t take a shred of criticism even when their behavior is f**ked. And the video isn’t even really about her, just about the people who support her. Crazy… she’s highkey annoying to the extreme”

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