Apex Legends developers reveal the issues they’re planning to solve in Season 5

Developers of the famous BR title Apex Legends recently revealed the things they’re currently working on for future patches.

Season 5 has definitely shaken the entire in-game experience, but the update also came along with a number of glitches, bugs, and error reports.

New update, new bugs

The Season 5 of the popular Battle Royale title kicked off to a great start.

Players were excited to try out Loba, map changes, and the game’s first ever season quest. A few tweaks for some legends and weapons were also implemented.

But during the launch of the new update, Respawn developers were quick to roll out small fixes to repair immediate bugs and other related complaints.

Perhaps one of the biggest issues this season is the faulty hit registration, where a player’s accurate shots are not counted as official hits.

It’s not the first time for hit-reg issues to plague Apex Legends.

There have been various complaints made by many disgruntled players, who took out their frustration on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit.

“These no regs are worse than season 0, been playing since day one and I haven’t seen the game in this poor of a state.”

Although their shots seem to land on targets, the game doesn’t seem to be recording the hit. Players can hear the projectile connect, but see no damage inflicted.

“Legit sniping has been a nightmare. It’s like I’m shooting at a ghost.”

“The weekly challenge to knock ten people with a sniper was a nightmare,”

“What infuriates me is that you can see the bullet making contact with the shield flashing red, but no damage is taken.”.

The issue is not limited to sniper rifles only. All guns in the game, from R-99 to Mastiff to Wingman, are currently experiencing no-reg complaints.

A quick hotfix was rolled out for this particular issue, although it remains unclear if the in-game issue has been resolved for good.

There are also other glitches with Mirage and Revenant, which the Respawn team is working on. Mirage, who got a big upgrade this season, a glitch is causing his decoys to fly straight up after a player jumps repeatedly.

Revenant, on the other hand, will be stopped mid-way through a teammate revival— if his death protection wears off in the midst of the revival animation.

Other players also complained about unlocked Legends, a faulty currency system, and the basic menu navigation disappearing.

Other known issues in Season 5 of Apex Legends

Here are some of the other common in-game complaints most players have raised:

  • Strange buzzing noise heard in-game
  • Reconnecting issues
  • Broken Ninja controller layout
  • Revenant revival bug
  • Mirage decoys flying high after repeated jump
  • Loading screens and music packs not selecting (on the PS4)

For season 5, Reconnect was a defining feature for many players. Most are relieved to finally see its addition on Ranked gameplays.

Players can jump right back into a match if they get disconnected for unknown reasons, thus saving them from abandonment penalties or loss of RP.

The Reconnect feature does not seem to be seamlessly implemented in the game, though. It remains to be a buggy feature for many Apex Legends players.

Some experience bugs while using the feature: such as coming back to the match with no HUD, or being unable to loot.

For controller players, the Ninja layout has also been shown to cause a similar issue. Plenty are held back from being able to loot at all.

There’s also an issue being raised about a bizarre buzzing noise heard whilst in a match.

Reports about unpleasant audio pops were also raised, which Respawn is currently tracking.

There is yet to be a date for an official fix on these issues. However, since Respawn is aware of these in-game bugs, it’s a step towards the right direction.

Find out more about the other known bugs reported by many Apex Legends players in their official Trello board.

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