Game-breaking Valorant exploit allows Omen teleport under Icebox’s Kitchen

Just like any other major game update, it didn’t take long for Valorant players to find new glitches and bizzare in-game bugs.

Act III introduced a brand new map, a new Agent and several new glitches and line-up spots for other Agents to exploit.

This time, it appears that Omen has an exploit that may cause problems for the enemy team on VALORANT‘s newest map, Icebox.

Omen Exploit

The notorious exploit was recently shown by Valorant player ‘DeviBoy17’ on Reddit, which allowed the hooded Agent to easily teleport under Icebox’s Kitchen.

Through the glitch, Omen can go outside the map unseen— while the other agents remain visible.

Omen is considerably deadly with verticality, which players can tremendously enjoy in maps like Icebox. Verticality provides more angles and the essence of unpredictability in the game.

His kit, in particular, allows him to be different from other controllers and flash just like Initiators.

It seems like other players can replicate the said glitch with ease, too:

“I thought this would be one of those glitches like the phoenix ult plant that’s tricky to replicate. Nope! Just loaded into a custom game and I can do it every time.”

“I was using this today. I even teach it to all the enemy omens and it became a big sh*t show. Having omen battles inside that place is pretty fun.”

“Just did this in unrated and got a triple”

Fortunately, the Icebox map isn’t in the ranked queue yet. It might bring an unfair disadvantage to play competitive with the bug still plaguing a number of players.

How to replicate

Replicating the Omen exploit is pretty easy: use Omen’s ultimate, “From the Shadows,” on the triangular area sandwiched between Kitchen and B Hut.

Doing so will teleport you right under Kitchen, letting you see into B spawn, all of mid, and the tight lane that leads to B site.

After getting that vital information discreetly, Omen can then use his Shrouded Step ability to teleport back into the map and get back into play.

Other advantages?

Besides gathering important in-game information, it remains unclear what other advantages can this exploit provide players.

Omen mains may also be able to kill enemies from under the map, though there are many thick walls that they can’t shoot through— hence making it difficult to spam wall bang.

Given that the bug is a game-changer and may later cause various problems in Valorant’s competitive mode if it remains unfixed, players can expect the devs to issue a hotfix soon.

Thankfully, the exploit has only been a problem in unrated and custom games.

The new map, Icebox, won’t be available in ranked game queues until Oct. 27, giving devs some time to fix these kinds of issues.

This incident isn’t the first time Omen’s ultimate has been a problem for the devs.

Previously, some players discovered that Omen could teleport inside of a loading crate on Haven and plant the Spike. As a result, it’s close to impossible for enemies to defuse it.

Omen was able to break through Bind’s spawn barriers before a round started and walk around more recently.

The new Valorant Battle Pass featured some pretty unique skins, most notably the Singularity series.

The current Agents meta list has also seen a significant shift, with Agents who were previously S Tier having to provide clever plays with their adjusted abilities to remain on the top.

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