Valorant devs to investigate in-game issues on hitboxes and movement inaccuracy

With the increasing number of community reports, Riot Games recently confirmed that they are investigating various gameplay issues on Valorant’s hitboxes and movement inaccuracy.

The devs also took the chance to iron out some other pressing concerns in the hyped, 5v5 tactical shooter.

Hitbox issues

Since Valorant’s beta, many players have raised their concerns about hitbox issues— not only with specific agents but the gameplay in general.

There’s also reported inconsistencies on how Agent movement is perceived by some players, which can result in botched tracking.

In the latest Ask Valorant blog post, the devs outlined the next phases of development to address these pressing issues.

Problems on “reliability and consistency of combat” are specifically going to be addressed, which involves finding a solution for hitbox clarity, the state of movement as it pertains to in-game readability and predictability.

Devs are also on a quest to find a middle ground when players with different pings queue in the same match.

Any update on the matter will impact the way Valorant behaves for some players, especially during pivotal moments of a match.

Riot writes:

“Over the past couple months, we noticed some less than inspiring trends on perceptions of shooting reliability (namely, declining positive sentiment around ‘My bullets reliably hit targets when I expect them to’), so that prompted us to dig deeper.”

The devs also laid out some of the most common player findings involving Valorant’s problems.

“Players said (broadly) that shooting felt reliable and consistent the vast majority of the time… However, there was also clear room for improvement.”

“They highlighted these opportunities for improving reliability in combat: increasing hitbox clarity, improving readability and predictability of states of movement inaccuracy, and minimizing the difference in gameplay feel across different ping conditions.”

The problems about hitboxes have been addressed in the past, though this did not eradicate the related in-game issues completely.

Hence, the devs want to provide a “clearer” update on hitboxes in the next succeeding patches.

When will the issues be fixed?

There’s no definite timeline yet for when players can expect these issues to be fixed or improved. However, with Riot acknowledging the said problems, it’s the first step towards the right direction of implementing fixes.

“We’re now in the process of digging into each one of these, while also trying to build a more holistic picture of gameplay reliability,”

Combining “player sentiment, gameplay analytics, and a deep technical analysis” in mind, Riot intends to keep on improving Valorant’s system with every update.

“Ensuring the game respects you and your opponents’ skill is critical to delivering on the promise of VALORANT, and we won’t be setting this to the side any time soon. Keep the feedback coming, and we’ll keep on digging.”

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