Xbox Series X: Microsoft’s Next Xbox Up Close

Microsoft’s next-generation console has been revealed to the world: the Xbox Series X. Gamers across the globe have been collectively flooding questions about the new Xbox: How powerful is the system going to be? What does the console look like? Does it come with exclusive games?

There hasn’t been complete information about the Xbox Series X yet, as compared to Sony’s PS5, but the mystery surrounding the brand new release is what keeps the fans hyped.

We’ve gathered the confirmed details and information about the Xbox Series X in this article. Buckle up gamers, and read on!

What is Xbox Series X?

The upcoming Xbox is officially called the “Xbox Series X”, as opposed to its former working name of Xbox Project Scarlett. Microsoft is proud to call it the future of gaming.

It is built with new powerful hardware from AMD, including a Zen 2 CPU plus its new Navi graphics architecture. Playing on the Series X, you can expect to minimize game load times or completely eliminate it to get the game started as quickly as possible.

Microsoft boasts of impressive numbers on the Series X. It is believed to be four times more powerful than the current most powerful console on the market (Xbox One X), four times better performance compared to the current gen game load times, and is considered the biggest generational leap in the console history of the brand.

Release Date

Many people have assumed that the Xbox Series X will be released in the month of November — which is typically the same month when the previous Xbox consoles have been released. Surprisingly, Microsoft has taken a different path than usual as they announced that the Xbox Series X would be launched on the Holiday of 2020. It is basically the same period when the rival company’s PS5 would be released.

It’s an interesting thing to know that the two biggest names in the console development industry would go toe to toe as they launch their products at almost the same period. The release date might be a bit far away but don’t worry because preorders of Xbox Series X will likely be available in the summer of 2020, specifically in the month of June.


To date, there are no exact sources or even a hint on how much the Xbox Series X would cost on its release date but there is one thing that Xbox fans would know for sure, it’s not going to be cheap.

During the past comparisons, the price of Xbox consoles is proven to be higher than Sony’s Playstation every release date. One example is the PS4’s $399 against Xbox One’s $499 during their release date.

According to Jez Corden’s twitter poll, the majority of the voters expected Xbox Series X to cost $499 on its release date but in this case, it’s reasonable to assume that it’s going to be $100 higher which may take it to around $599. This may surely be a fully packed console making it worth its price.


Fans may be in for a major upgrade! Console gaming like never before: the Xbox Series X is confirmed to be even faster than the Xbox One X, which is the most powerful commercial console at the moment.

Series X’s GPU is rumored to be eight times faster than the Xbox One, thus making it twice as fast as the Xbox One X. The upgraded CPU is also more powerful and faster than most consoles.

It supposedly runs as quiet as possible when operated (perhaps as silent as the Xbox One X), thanks to its fan and additional heatsinks to keep itself cool with. It’s done to make the console effectively “disappear” into players’ entertainment centers.

Confirmed details:

  • 8-core, 16-thread Zen 2 CPU
  • Navi GPU on RDNA architecture
  • Highly customized 7nm SoC from AMD
  • Supports 8K resolution (likely media playback)
  • 120FPS gaming
  • Can deliver up to 40x more performance than Xbox One in specific use cases
  • Adaptive sync supported
  • GDDR6 memory
  • 2x Xbox One X’s 6TFLOPs of GPU perf
  • 4x CPU power of Xbox One generation
  • Super-fast SSD that can be used as VRAM
  • Variable refresh rate (adaptive sync/FreeSync)
  • Variable Rate Shading
  • Raytracing confirmed with dedicated ray tracing cores
  • Backward compatible with thousands of Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One games
  • New controller with a dedicated share button
  • Compatible with Xbox One accessories

Take note that the confirmed details may or may not be included in the final Xbox Series X prototype. Fans may have to wait for any confirmation announcement from Microsoft in the coming months.


In case you missed the resemblance, the Xbox Series X looks similar to a PC desktop tower. And just like the Xbox 360, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X, you can also lay down the console horizontally. The console only looks massive on pictures but in actuality, it’s not that big.

For a much easier comparison, grab your Xbox One controller and lay it down on the table. The new Xbox Series X is said to be that wide. Stand the controller upon the grips and multiply the height by three times, and that’s how the new Xbox is rumored to be in size. With the console being a square tower, it’s almost as deep as it is wide.

The series X design is intended to make sense from an engineering point of view. It’s rather simple and elegant overall, a stark contrast to the much more elaborate Xbox designs of the past. The stark aesthetics remain unparalleled when it comes to console space.


When it comes to controllers, the new Xbox controller is a lot like the previous one for the Xbox One save for the addition of a Share button, positioned in the middle and just below the power button.

Press the Share button to take screenshots of your games and even capture video clips, just like in the PS4 DualShock 4.

Other differences include: the Xbox Series X has a modular hybrid d-pad, which makes it easier to do diagonal inputs. The new size is also relatively smaller, with the back of the controller curved differently.

Other than that, both the Xbox Series X and Xbox One controllers are almost identical. It only makes sense since both controllers can be used with either console. You can choose to play on the Xbox Series X with your Xbox One controller or use your Xbox Series X controller to play on the Xbox One.

The Xbox Series X Name

Fans are wondering why there’s a similarity between the names of the Xbox One X and the Xbox Series X — a bold move made by Microsoft. The console was initially named “Scarlett”, which is much more unique than the name the company went with.

However, the name Series X only indicates there might be next series of new-gen Xboxes shortly in the future. There are rumors circulating about the possibility but none yet that Microsoft confirmed.

The possibility is there, that’s a given. But the naming convention of the new Xbox console is also designed to make way for future potential iterations.

Backwards Compatibility

Like Sony’s PS5, the Xbox Series X will also support backwards compatibility for the three previous generations of Xbox console.

Xbox Series X can run all Xbox One games, that’s for sure! But Microsoft hasn’t confirmed yet if the same goes for the original Xbox and Xbox 360 games. Regardless, it’s highly likely for the latest Xbox to play all the games that are currently backwards compatible on Xbox One.

Next generation consoles are all the rage

EA is confident how the next-gen consoles (Xbox Series X and PS5) will definitely blow people’s minds. It will be substantially more powerful than the current-gen consoles that we know of.

Blake Jorgensen, EA CFO, said how “The power of the new consoles is gonna be substantially greater than existing consoles.” He continued, “We can do a lot more [with PS5 and Xbox Series X]. Things we’re doing will blow people’s minds.”

Gaming enthusiasts from all around the world can count on the hyped innovation plans from major video game companies. As a result, games will continue to evolve and new genres will be born.

Project xCloud

Originally the streaming platform that debuted way back in March of last year, Project xCloud is available for hands-on impressions at the E3 show floor.

Phil Spencer, the global head of the Xbox brand, says the service will allow users to transform an Xbox console into an xCloud server, streaming games and other media among connected devices.

This service is often compared against the Google Stadia, but the comparison remains to be incomplete as of the moment. For now, Microsoft is focusing on its massive infrastructure and resources to help gamers play wherever they want and with who they want to play with.

A beta version may be released in October, in case you are interested in trying out Project xCloud!

Xbox Series and VR?

It’s widely known how Microsoft has an interesting relationship with virtual reality. On PC, the Windows Mixed Reality initiative has found ample success. It features a variety of lightweight VR headsets, with an expansive list of games and brand new experiences.

But on console, there hasn’t been much progress. A Microsoft rep told how the company “doesn’t have any plans specific to Xbox consoles in virtual reality or mixed reality.”

Despite the statement, it’s not entirely impossible. There’s a new patent that suggests how Microsoft may be working on a VR headset, complete with motion controllers, a stylus, and fully-fledged boundary mat. It can turn your room into your personal digital playground.

Thanks to the success of Playstation VR, with the most sales of all high-end commercial VR headsets, Microsoft may think about including VR into their products sometime in the future.

Xbox Series X ports

There are a lot of rumors about the new Xbox Series X ports. Xbox players and console gamers have wondered about the little connections (on the back, front, or side) of the new console and the connectivity it’ll offer.

According to a recent render shot of the Xbox Series X, it could feature 2 HDMI ports, two USB-C ports, and a S/PDIF port. It may not accurately represent the final design or features of the upcoming Xbox but it gave fans an idea what’s waiting in store for them.

Another report suggests how the Xbox Series X actually includes 2 USB-A ports, 1 HDMI port, optical audio, and the usual power port. Meanwhile, a separate report suggests the possibility of a power port, 2 USB ports, ethernet, optical audio, and an HDMI port on the rear. It may also come along with a strange square port.

On the front, there might be a disc drive and a single USB port.

Rumored ‘Windows Mode’?

Rumor has it, the new Xbox Series X may offer a ‘Windows Mode’ — allowing players to access other game launchers or stores like Steam or the Epic Games Store. The idea is to turn your Xbox console into somehow like a PC. Accordingly, it may be possible for you to play other titular games while on your new Xbox Series X.

The rumor suggests the idea of Microsoft’s exclusive Xbox-PC-Windows ecosystem being merged into one. Thinking about it, the possibility doesn’t seem too far-fetched.

Xbox Series X bundles and deals

Discounted software in Xbox Series X bundles may be hard to find during its early launch. Big discounts usually do not come in the early days of a new console release. Retailers may offer price cuts on bundled extras though, such as the Xbox Live Gold deals or a few free months of mass gaming through an Xbox Game Pass deal.

Microsoft offered regular release of different Xbox One deals and Xbox One X bundles in the past, which comes with games included in-box. These games were in the form of digital downloads, however, instead of traditional discs.

Nonetheless, the bundles offer a big discount on the game. This may be the case with the Xbox Series some time in the future! By June, there might be information about any possible Xbox Series X bundle on E3 2020.

Game Services

The Series X will continue to support the Xbox Game Pass, a game subscription service by Microsoft made exclusive to this console generation.

The Xbox Game Pass will work just the same on the new console (like it did on the previous ones), but the improved and more powerful Series X will enable players to jump into the games they want to play in lesser loading time.

Quick Comparison of the PS5 and the Xbox Series X

Exact specifications of the the PS5 and the Xbox Series X remain to be unconfirmed by both parties. Leaked information may be what’s included in the final launch, while both companies may also opt to change a thing or two.

The consoles do share similarities though, as observed in the ray-tracing feature.But for now, here are some of the specs we know so far:

PlayStation 5 Xbox Series X
Processor AMD Zen 2 CPU AMD Zen 2 CPU
Graphics AMD Navi-based GPU AMD Navi-based GPU (est. 12 TFLOPs)
RAM Unknown GDDR6 SDRAM (capacity not confirmed)
Storage SSD NVMe SSD
Optical Drive Yes (4K Blu-ray) Yes
Max Output Resolution 8k 8k
Max Refresh Rate 120Hz 120Hz
VR Support Yes Unknown
Cloud Gaming PlayStation Now (unconfirmed) Microsoft Project xCloud
Backwards Compatibility Yes (PS4 games) Yes (Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One games)
Release Date Holiday 2020 Holiday 2020

Xbox X Series Anticipated Games

Halo Infinite

If you were to ask any Xbox fan about one of the most anticipated games for the Xbox Series X, then one of the famous answers will surely include the Halo Infinite. The Halo franchise is an exclusive game for Xbox since it is an intellectual property of Microsoft. You will never see a Halo game on another console such as Playstation and Nintendo.

Halo franchise is known for its successful run in the game industry and is now about to release their sixth game of the series aside from the spin-offs. It is a first-person space shooter which is highly credited for its graphics, visuals, gameplays and its awesome plot. Halo Infinite is co-developed by 343 Industries and SkyBox Lab and will be published by Xbox Game Studio which will be released in the Holiday of 2020.

Despite the departure of top developers such as Tim Longo and Mary Olson, community manager John Junyszek reassured the Halo fans in his Reddit post that there is no creative dilemma or any hidden problems while developing the game.

In addition, the game received more hype as Halo introduced its new voice actor which is Gyoza the pug. Believe it or not, this talented dog is the one behind the alien noises inside the game including his sniffles, growls and grunts! For the players of the previous Halo franchise, you will surely be excited as the story continues with Master Chief as its protagonist.

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 is the sequel of Hellblade which is announced alongside the Xbox Series X. It is another game owned by Microsoft and can never be expected to be released on other consoles.

Just like the Xbox Series X, it is scheduled to be released on the Holiday of 2020. The game is developed and published by Ninja Theory and Microsoft. It is another adventure and plot inclined game but there isn’t much information about the upcoming storyline of this game.

The trailer of Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 didn’t reveal much about what’s going to happen in the story, which adds another element of surprise. But one fact that we can never take away from this game is how it will still be a game complete with its signature breathtaking visuals. We might not have any idea how the story will go but it will always boil down to the same dark and terrifying adventure of Senua.

Xbox at E3 2020

Team Xbox is “hard work on E3”, sources say. Xbox will be attending E3 2020, as confirmed by Phil Spencer – the head of Xbox team. He shared the news in a tweet:

“Our team is hard at work on E3, we look forward to sharing with all who love to play what’s ahead for us. Our artform has consistently been propelled by the cross-section of creativity and technical progress. 2020 is a milestone year in that journey for Team Xbox.”

The official announcement came after Sony confirmed it will be skipping the event two years in a row. In case you missed it, the E3 2019 doxxing scandal saw journalists leaking private information online. Sony’s absence from the event seems to suggest the declining of the major industry trade show.

2020 proves to be a big year for both video gaming giants Sony and Microsoft. Next generation consoles are just around the corner.

We’ll probably get to know more about the Xbox Series X on E3. There hasn’t been much information revealed to the public, except for the fact that this year’s a “milestone” year for Team Xbox.

No pre-orders yet

Shut up and take my money — just not yet. Microsoft isn’t ready to open pre-orders for the Series X just yet. Fans who are keen to buy the new release may have to wait for a little longer.

Microsoft decided to hold off on the pre-orders to make sure the customers know what they are paying for. For example, customers haven’t had a chance to try the console for themselves just yet.

The E3 event may just be the perfect opportunity for people to try and see the wonders of the new Xbox Series X.


There’s a lot of information pending to be confirmed about the Xbox Series X. But one thing is for sure — the new release is set to change console gaming as we know it. From specs to improved power, Microsoft’s plans for the latest Xbox seems to be grand!

Are you excited for the Xbox Series X launch sometime around the holiday period of 2020? Do you think it’s more worth-it raving than Sony’s PlayStation 5? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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