DrDisrespect’s exclusive ‘Arena’ map design wows Rogue Company devs

From dominating games to releasing music videos, is there anything Dr Disrespect can’t do?

This time, the two-time’s special ‘Arena” map design impresses Rogue Company developers.

Much-awaited comeback

Since his streaming return on YouTube, it seems like DrDisrespect wants to tap into other endeavors he has in mind.

He recently went back to his map design roots in Rogue Company, presenting a design that the developers themselves seem eager to support.

The Arena

He presented the first draft of his custom Rogue Company map promptly called “The Arena” on Twitter.

“Hey @RogueCompany,  I introduce…. The Arena. Do you believe in it? #RoguePartner”

The design was well-received by fans and developers alike. The devs even went on to say they will be providing the Doc with anything he needs to bring the map into reality.

“Okay Dr, you’ve clearly got the skills.

We’ll be providing whatever resources you need to bring The Arena to life in 3D. Actually, scratch that. We need it bigger than life – yesterday!

We’re all counting on you. Details should hit the flip phone soon.”

The lay-out features three landing zones on either end, which resembles the game’s Skyfell map.

Knowing the Two-Time, there’s a possibility that the scenery will resemble some of his most iconic Twitch sets.

Rogue Company

The Doc is known to evolve— from his character to production levels, and he is always trying new games for his online following to enjoy.

In particular, he’s been trying out the third-person shooter game Rogue Company which has been generating huge levels of player interest.

With his talent in incredible stream production levels, Rogue Company players are hoping he will bring it over in-game as well.

As of writing, the game is still in beta. Hi-Rez Studios already revealed a content roadmap for 2020 that closely resembles that of Apex Legends upon launch.

Free to play and cross-platform are around the corner for the highly anticipated title.

DrDisrespect notably expressed his interest to make his mark on the game by taking it to Twitter:

“Hey @RogueCompany, I like this game.

Let me design a map. I’ll bring some Violence, Speed, and Momentum with the design.  Easy guarantee.”

The Doc’s worldwide reputation and a whopping 1.8 million followers provide a perfect opportunity for some positive PR for Rogue Company.

Devs responded to the streamer’s interest with a challenge:

“That’s a big ‘hell-yeah’ Two-Time, but you haven’t designed a level since 1997. You think you can walk back and build an instant classic?

How about this, you’ve got 24 hours to prove you can design a map. Then we’ll go from there. You in?”

The exclusively designed map is a proof that the Doc accepted the devs’ challenge.

Rogue Company confirmed they will add new maps to the game over time. Hence, fans might see DrDisrespect’s “The Arena” in game some time soon.

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