Epic Games Trolls Fortnite Players to Reveal New Emote

Rickrolling is now an official part of the whole Fortnite experience!

The newest dance emote pays homage to one of the most iconic dance moves in the history of the internet, the rick roll.

Epic Games successfully trolled Fornite players with the newest dance emote announcement.

The new “Never Gonna” emote in the Fortnite item shop is lifted off Rick Astley’s classic dance from his 1987 hit single “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

Fortnite’s official Twitter handle tweeted a seemingly normal post about bears to announce the new emote:

“I liked a video on YouTube: Watch How This Bear Made The Unlikeliest Of Friends”

But only to rick roll fans who’d click the link!

The British singer even took it to Twitter to give the emote his seal of approval.

“There is now a Never Gonna Give You Up Emote in Fortnite! Grab it while you can from the item shop”

The internet prank of “rickrolling” got viral many years ago. It turned into a meme where someone lures innocent viewers into clicking a link for something that appears to be interesting. And when they click the link, they are redirected to Rick Astley’s music video.

Epic may have had to actually license Astley’s famous song. For years, Fortnite have been lifting dance moves to sell as emotes in their store — some without consent. This has led to a series of lawsuits filed against the company.

Fans expressed their joy over the brand new emote, perfect for trolling purposes:

“More memes please and thank you”
“wow you really fcking rick rolling me in 2020 huh?”
“L M F A O O god Epic is the BEST”

While some expressed concern as to whether or not Epic may get sued for using the dance in-game:

“new mote is sick but is it copyright?😂😂”

Nonetheless, the viral emote is effective enough to even lure a long-time Fortnite player back into the grind:

“I haven’t played Fortnite in over 2 years and I feel an extreme need to reinstall just to buy this skin”

The Never Gonna emote is on sale in the Fortnite in-game store for 500 V-Bucks.

Is the new rick roll emote a yes or a no?

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