JackSepticEye decides to take a break from YouTube

In a surprise announcement, YouTuber JackSepticEye decides to take a break from the platform because he “needs” a break from 2020.

The said hiatus is going to last at least a month off to help him sort his mental health.

Taking a break

Sean “JackSepticEye” McLoughlin explained his decision in his latest upload.

He says:

“This is arguably the worst year that has happened since I’ve been born.”

“Since I’ve been on this earth, this is the worst year I’ve probably experienced for the totality of humanity. I’ve never seen a year like this before.”

Fans have been accustomed to his regular schedule of daily new videos. For the next month, however, there’s going to be some major changes in the usual programming.

Recent events in the year have brought a tremendous amount of stress for the YouTuber, which in turn affected his passion for making online content.

Mental health

Opening up on his mental health, McLoughlin admitted he’s not in his best state as of the moment.

“My mental health is just kind of all over the place. It’s not bad, I’m not in some sort of dark, deep whole or anything, my brain is just kind of exhausted from uploading all the time and seeing what’s going on and interacting with the internet in the way I have been.”

With a following of over 23 million, the YouTuber acknowledged the historic movements (such as #BlackLivesMatter) has been desperately needed for this year.

Not permanent

This is not goodbye, though. JackSepticEye clarifies he just doesn’t have any passion to create any content at the moment.

“I’m taking an entire month off from making YouTube videos because I just don’t want to. That’s all it is!”

“I won’t be disappearing from the internet entirely.”

Fortunately for his fans, the famous Youtuber will still check in on social media every now and then.

However, should he need some more time off by the end of the month, McLoughlin says he’ll probably extend his break. This would be his longest YouTube hiatus yet (for an entire month).

“There’s no secret reason. I just don’t want to make YouTube videos right now. It’s not something that I’m incredibly passionate about right now in this moment of my life.”

He will use the time off to focus on his other endeavors, such as his coffee company and creative writing projects.

Fans have been supportive of his decision to take a step back and spend some time off:

“Do what you need to do. Don’t overwork yourself otherwise you’d burn out some time.

I’m glad you’re taking a break for yourself, I’ll defenitely support that! Your work here and your use of influence is some of the best on YouTube ever and I’m glad you made it this far. ”

“It is ok Jack I know this is crazy, you can take a long enough break as you need! People think that since this is all happening they can do what they want and it is very very stressful. I understand that and you do what you feel like is the most comfortable thing that is good for you! “

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