Ninja claps back at Kaceytron over streaming with women debate

With over 14.7 million followers on Twitch, Ninja has left the platform’s community in shock as he moved to Mixer back in August.

Tyler Blevins, known as Ninja to the rest of the online community, may be one of the biggest stars in the streaming world. But, apparently not everyone is familiar with the Fortnite icon.

Popstar Lady Gaga tweeted a humorous inquiry about the battle royale game in the midst of its chapter 2 release on October 16.

Ninja, being one of the biggest Fornite players in the world, grabbed the chance to give his two cents on the subject.

However, it seems like the popstar didn’t even know who Ninja was. Another Twitch streamer, Kaceytron, rose up to the occasion to take the liberty of explaining:

In her controversial tweet, she brought up Ninja’s past comment regarding streaming with women. She claims he allegedly “doesn’t support women” and would never stream with them unless of personal benefit.

Ninja’s fanbase was quick to defend the famed streamer. Some fans went after Kaceytron, prompting her to comment further on the subject.


While this has sparked an ongoing debate on Twitter, Ninja was quick enough to respond to Kaceytron’s claims.

The streaming legend reminded how he’s played squads with women and even hosted a couple of female broadcasters, as a clap back to her claims.

He also explained that his allegedly controversial statement regarding streaming with women was made in a bathroom during a party many years ago, and that it was completely blown out of proportion.

There’s still yet to be an announcement on any official joint stream between Lady Gaga and Ninja, a collaboration most Ninja fans didn’t even saw coming.

However, it looks like the backlash from his controversial comments in the past isn’t dying down anytime soon. Kaceytron along with many other critics also have no plans of backing down from their opinions.

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