PewDiePie exposed for eating pizza in an “infuriating” way

Global fame and influence isn’t gonna stop Pewdiepie from his unusual eating habits.

Felix Kjellberg, or Pewdiepie to the rest of the online community, is commonly dubbed as the Youtube king. He’s the most-subscribed independent creator with over 101 million subscribers on his channel alone.

Online citizens who frequent the internet may be familiar with subreddits such as “r/mildlyinteresting” and “r/mildlyinfuriating,” with Pewds browsing the latter during his October 17 video.

When searching the site however, an image of a pizza showed up in the search results. Do note that this was no ordinary pizza though.

The subreddit r/mildlyinfuriating, true to its name, delivered a photo of a person eating a pizza pie by starting in the very middle.

This was very opposite to how most people commonly eat pizza — by consuming it slice by slice.

While any normal person would find this action to be weird and unusual, Pewdiepie admitted that he eats his pizzas the same way because he doesn’t like pizza crusts.

I have a confession to make. First of all, when I looked up this subreddit, this image shows up… I’ve eaten pizza this way for over twenty years… I don’t like the crust. And when you’re done eating it, you have a frame, and you can put your face in it.

The Youtuber later joked about the “stigma” clouding his bizarre eating habits, but as it turns out, he’s not alone in doing so.

Another famous streamer, Pokimane, also eats her pizzas in an odd way.

The Twitch star likewise made viewers confused and surprised after admitting that she eats her pizzas in an upside down manner. She claims it’s better to taste the pizza toppings first rather than the crust.

She said in a video on the 3:45 minute mark:

Why would you put the yummy part on the roof of your mouth? You gotta flip the pizza, put the yummy part on your tongue so you can taste it.

Streamers have a growing worldwide influence, but the fame doesn’t stop them from having creative yet bizarre ways of eating their favorite food. After all, they’re only human too.

Another streamer, Amouranth, is also revealed to have odd eating habits. She asserts how she cannot chew food due to a retainer present in the back of her mouth.

Regardless of popularity, everyone seems to have something weird yet unique about themselves. Internet personalities are more likely to get caught in the act though, as they spend a large portion of their lives going live in front of the screen.

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