The secret behind Shroud’s massive success on Twitch

Ever wondered how Shroud made it big on Twitch, even among a dozen of other top streamers?

Michael Grzesiek, more known as Shroud in the online gaming community, is among the most popular streamers in the world.

The Twitch icon has explained how he climbed to the top of the platform on his October 16 broadcast.

When it comes to Twitch’s biggest stars, Shroud is surely one of the names you’d hear along with Tfue, TSM|Myth, dakotaz, and Riot Games.

He currently has 6.45 million followers, drawing thousands of regular viewers as he streams his games.

Shroud is a veteran in the world of professional gaming, with generous experience in Counter Strike, Rainbox Six Siege, and Call of Duty.

His streams are famous as he continues to dominate his opponents in battle royale titles such as Apex Legends and PUBG. He’s also fond of grinding his way through dungeons on Wow Classic.

Being the second most-watched broadcaster on Twitch, many fans across the world aspire to go after the road he’s taken. However, the true path to Twitch stardom is filled with perseverance.

On his wednesday broadcast, one loyal Shroud fan asked the 25-year-old regarding the story behind his journey to Twitch’s summit.

He gave an honest answer, explaining his history to provide the context for his wide popularity on the platform.

I went live everyday. That’s all I did… I started as a streamer, then I got really into Counter-Strike, and I loved CS. I joined and climbed the ladder of CS, so people started recognizing me in the scene because I was getting better, and better, and better. Then I joined a pro team and went to tournaments and did all that. By the end of it, Iโ€™ve already built a following and it carried over. Thatโ€™s pretty much it.

For the Twitch star, he says it was his career as a professional Counter Strike player that laid the groundwork for his streaming success.

A large part of his widespread growth and popularity came after his retirement from the professional gaming scene, as he dominated big titles in the battle royale genre.

Shroud’s skills are so revered that he’s earned, rightfully so, the title of being the “human aimbot.” The Canadian’s aim is so precise, that only a few manage to escape alive as soon as he hovers his crosshairs over the target.

The streamer’s humility and candor is something that his thousands of fans continue to look up to.

For someone as successful as Shroud, nothing beats the hard work and effort he puts into career. He has to make sure he’s live everyday.

Any aspiring Twitch streamer can surely look up to Shroud for inspiration and motivation as they try to climb the platform’s ranks.

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